French death/heavy metal. Do I need to spell it out? UNCHAINED is another of these new French bands that keep popping up all over the place. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Unchained as a band seem very familiar to me yet I know very little about the history of you guys. Could you spread some light on why Unchained exists?
-Unchained was created in 2010 by our drummer Olivier after he left his former band Kragens. He has always wanted to play heavier music with his friend Jo, so that’s how the band was born and that’s what we do: we play fucking heavy music!

What part would you say takes the center stage in your sound; the heavy or the death metal side?
-That’s a good question, I’m not sure of the answer myself! I’d say the combination of both sides is what’s really important to us. We don’t wanna play only old school traditional 80’s heavy metal, even though we love it, and we don’t wanna be just another pure death metal band.

Is France a good country to be a metal act in? How much does the history of great bands play in the conscious of Unchained?
-Well, I guess it’s not much different than in most European countries these days, except maybe in Sweden! Maybe there was a time when French bands were not taken very seriously, or maybe they were only targeting the French market as they used to sing only in French. But there are many great French metal bands these days, and the worldwide and well deserved success of a band like Gojira may have open the eyes of everybody and given French bands more credibility.

In the past the language barrier has been the biggest obstacle for French bands to reach out. Has that changed with new generations growing up? How important is language today?
-Yeah, most 80’s bands like Trust used to sing in French, and so did most new metal bands in the 90’s. I’m not criticizing, French is a beautiful language and I love it! But the thing is English is the worldwide language, specially for rock n’ roll. I grew up listening to bands who were singing in English, no matter where they were from: the UK or the USA of course, but also Germany or Scandinavia. So the paradox is that to me it feels much more natural to write lyrics in English instead of French.

How pleased are you that the album is done and about to be released? How much hard work has it been to get it ready?
-It always feels great when an album is done, specially when you feel you’ve done a very good job. It’s always a lot of work, stress and pressure because the aim in the studio is to reach some sort of perfection… and human beings are not perfect!

When picking art work, on what criteria do you choose it? Does it have to represent the whole album or just the title of it?
-The artwork of the album was made by our lead guitarist Thibaud. We came up with the title of the album by discussing the topics of the lyrics and what the songs meant to us. The artwork was supposed to represent it all, which was Thibaud’s goal designing it.

When choosing album title what is it that you look for? Should it be a declaration of intent?
-Yeah definitely. This is our first album and the title sums up what people can expect from us: Oncoming Chaos!

How important is the logo? Should it be stylish or what?
-It’s very important, as it should be distinctive and recognizable immediately. Of course we wanted it to be stylish and look great, and it should have a metal touch to it. But we also wanted it to be easy to read, not like all the Norwegian true black metal bands logos!

How do you use the social media best to gain the most advantage of it?
-We don’t have a choice, these days you need social networks like facebook to promote your band. It used to be myspace for awhile, now it’s facebook and twitter, maybe tomorrow it will be something else. We try to make the most out of it by posting news about the band and promoting album releases and specially live dates. It’s a great tool, but good old poster advertising still works when it’s done properly. You can’t only rely on social media.

What future is there for Unchained?
-A great and busy future: promoting our album by playing as many gigs as possible: headlining club show, festivals all around the country and abroad, maybe a good opening slot on a tour… Then it will be time to work on a second album. We’re here for a long time, believe me!

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