You can put post in front of anything to make it look good but it is when you come to the core of the matter that things get interesting. Like UNDERWELL for example. Anders Ekdahl©2013

How symbolic is the band name? Is there a greater meaning to it?
-The name Underwell comes from something that happened many years ago to Marshmallow while he was on a vacation in London. At least I think so… there are so many hilarious stories about the conception of the name that date long before I joined the band. Underwell were born 2006 and I entered the band in 2008. The band changed the lineup several times until the release of our debut – “Plan your Rebirth”. Recently Theo(guitars) left the band and in a few days we will announce my new guitar mate. Underwell is what we are.

Your label describes your music as post hardcore. What is the post part all about?
-The post speaks about our will to go over the hardcore, over the metalcore…
We tried! Maybe we didn’t succeeded all the way, but at least we tried. The next CD on which we are working on is going to be approximately what we had in mind, but we couldn’t get a grip on. We never cared about labels and writing things following a recipe, in order to be labeled as a specific genre instead of another. We hope that our message is accepted as it is without the bulls*it.

How hardcore is your sound? What kind of inspiration do you draw from?
-If I had to express the hardcore part in Underwell using numbers, I would say 35%.
Bands like Raised Fist, Converge and many others has always been an inspiration for us. All without taking into account that my roots lie deep into punk-hardcore grounds. What we have taken from this type of music is a certain type of attitude and energy and we tried to mix it with our other influences.

I remember that the Italian hardcore scene was huge in the 80s. How do you fit in with today’s extreme music scene in Italy?
-Oh man..the music scene back in the days was awesome. I really feel bad about not being there during those years. I was born 1990 and when I began to listen music everything already disappeared except really big bands like the Skurigners and the Cripple Bastards. During the 80’s there was a big boom here…Raw Power, Negazione, Nerorgasmo…awesome bands. Nowdays in Italy there’s no music scene. It looks like people totally lost theyr way. We live in a time after the crisis and the average Joe is easily manipulated by the media. The spirit raging for protest and the chants for freedom were totally suffocated, just like the music scene. It’s a fucking free-for-all between new bands which only makes it weaker. We want to stay out from it, we follow our way without competing with no one. We just try to spread our message with other bands who think like us.

If you were to with the help of other bands describe the sound of the band to somebody new to Underwell what bands would you chose?
-I could say Raised Fist, Underoath, In Flames .

Over the last decade or two we’ve seen so many different styles emerge and disappear. How do you keep your music vital and alive?
-Simply by staying out from those labels and writing music without wanting to re-join a specific scene. We are trying to mix as many different styles that we like, with our hardcore basis.

In order for it to be easier to decipher bands are often compartmentalized. Where do you feel that you fit in and where do you want to fit in? Do you feel that you have a greater potential to attract fans of different styles with your music?
-I think I already answered this question…I believe that when you mix this many elements it’s necessary for the audience to keep an open mind.

The cover to “Plan Your Rebirth” gives the album a progressive feeling. How important is the right kind of art work to get people to discover the album?
I think that the cover is always important…even today when it’s hard to find someone who buys orginal CDs… I think I am one of the few who still does it. The cover has the capability to guide the listener in the ambience of the music… I believe that it’s very important and very often underestimated. Machine Room Design did an amazing work on the artwork for “Plan your rebirth”…I loved the artwork as soon as I saw it.

What kind of lyrical themes do you touch upon?
-The basic concept which kind ties the songs of the album together is the rebirth…rebirth because we now live in a world which needs to change…we are near the end and we need a new beginning.

What kind of future would you like to see for the band?
-I hope to continue writing good music, to improve and to try new things…we are not alone…Worm and WormHole Death (our music label) are always behind our back to guide us and I hope it will reamin like that in the future. We should be in studio this November, to record our second CD which should be out 2014.

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