Unholy Deathcunt is a black metal band from the UK. Interview from Asphyxiator and new vocalist Filthgrinder. Anders Ekdahl @2011

To some the name might seem controversial but to me it is just random words put together. I guess to you it has a certain meaning, am I right?
A) Sure, the name is actually from this wannabe Satanist Slut in our city that is sworn with Vaginal Disease, and still tries to find a guy to Fuck her rotting Minge. There it is.

How would you like to describe Unholy Deathcunt’s black metal?
A) Bestial War Metal

Is Mayhem’s “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas” the World’s greatest black metal album? What is it that so great about it?
A) To me, it is ONE of the best, yeah, but there is a lot of fantastic stuff out there.
F) To answer your second question……..Attila!!!!!!

Black metal is often seen as the black sheep of metal. Why does it attract such extreme expressions compared to much other metal?
F) Extreme music requires extreme expressions!! You can’t sing about love and peace in this genre.

What is so awful and appalling about Christianity?
F)Christians and their disbelief in the existence of gravity!!!!!

In black metal we see more one-man projects than in any other form of metal. Is being secluded, misanthropic and in general a miserable figure a necessary tool to be true black metal?
A) Yeah it can be reclusive and Melancholic and those things are Ok and actually some great music can come from that, but I do think two cunts are better than one.

When does the aesthetic of black metal go from true to imposed? When does true become untrue?
F)When all the keyboards and orchestra take over!!Fuck that shit!!!!

When recording is there something that needs to be there for the right feeling to surface?
A) Not really, we don’t sit around in candlelight with flasks of warm blood and human skulls, although that IS sometimes fun, haha, it all comes from within the twisted mind!!

What is the ultimate black metal sound?
F)Raw, primitive and evil as fuck. No keyboards and no lovely ladies singing. Ugly music for ugly bastards!!!!

What are your future intentions with Unholy Deathcunt?
A) Getting the first full length Album recorded, and getting it to sound as Aggressive as possible, especially with the new Vocals.

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