UNITED MIND CLUB impressed me enough to want to find out more about them. Hopefully you too will be wiser after having read this interview. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Why is it that I haven’t heard of you guys until now?
Del Toro: As we say in Russia, everything has its time; I think you’ll hear about us again and again!
Train Freeman: We also have another proverb: in Russia for a long time harness then run fast!

When you have built up a back catalogue and nobody seem to have heard of you does that feel like a failure?
Train Freeman: How do you know where it begins luck and where it ends? What generally means to be successful? Kurt Cobain was lucky or unlucky? Life is not divided into black and white, life is a struggle and it is the common rule for everybody.
Del Toro: We never felt like failures, we always see the goal and believe in success, this real kavabanga!!!

Listening to your album, it seemed I heard echoes of such bands as: Rammstein and White Zombie / Rob Zombie. How eclectic you really are?
Train Freeman: I think we have the most eclectic band in the world. This is Mind Metal.
Del Toro: Actually, we do what we like and what we can do well, based on our desires and possibilities.

How important is presentation to the band? Looking for your promo shots, it seems that you are not without a sense of humor, right?
Train Freeman: For us, this is one more way to express ourselves and our music.
Del Toro: We in Russia are always “welcome by clothes”, so this is an important factor and we bet on it. At the expense of self-irony – why not, if a person feel emotions and even more positive it is always pleasant.

How far can you take the humor bit without it becoming a parody? When does the music lose its seriousness?
Train Freeman: Now all the bands are trying to be the most serious in the world, for me this is a parody, we are creating something new. We go with you, but we’re not like you.
Del Toro: In my opinion – all depends of the style of music. If you play punk rock so there imagination can reach enormous peaks, in our style we try to combine humor with our share of rather serious music and uneasy lyrics.

Is there something you like to say with the album art work and title? How involved are you in the whole creative process with art work etc.?
Train Freeman: It is impossible to explain, this is a mental process.
Del Toro: : We have discussed for a long time about what should be the cover, invented and developed a variety of options, a lot of work has been done by us and our friends from Bulgaria and in the end we chose the best of a huge portfolio.

Does it feel like it is for real now that you guys have a physical product out on the market?
Train Freeman: Yes, this is the real test of our music for its valuation.
Del Toro: I think every musician at a time feels it and we are no exception. The main thing applies to everything philosophically. If we are a product and someone needs us, so we are a good product :).

What do you think of the whole digital V/S physical battle that seem to be going in today’s music consumption?
Train Freeman: At one time, people used to say that cinema can kill theatre. This did not happen. The same thing will happen with CD, they are not going anywhere & will take their place such as vinyl, just their number will be less.
Del Toro: This battle has long been lost by physical media, although I personally have always preferred to live sound, for example, nothing can replace good old vinyl.

How important is playing live to you? What do you get out of playing live?
Train Freeman: During the concert you realize why you record an album. That’s all for them – for those for whom music – a whole life.
Del Toro: Incredibly important! Only on the live performances we see glowing eyes of our listeners, feel their emotions and give ourselves completely into the power of the public. That is unforgettable experience.

How do you take United Mind Club even further from here?
Train Freeman: In the nearest future we’re going to Europe tour in support of the album, and then we’ll record a new album. I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised; I’ve already done about 700 reefs. See you soon!
Del Toro: We’re going to constantly move forward to improve our music, to deliver even more fun to our fans. Soon we are going to record a new album, it would be cool!

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