Spain is not only sun bathing tourists. There is also a really cool underground scene too. UNREAL OVERFLOWS being the proof of that. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

Is the band name a comment on how fucked up the weather has become lately with floods and snow in the most bizarre of places?
ZOILO: No. Unreal Overflows is a metaphor about life. Sometimes, when bad thing appear in your life they’re like relentless strong forces.
IEGO: The one which is about the climate change is the name of our new album: False Welfare. That means that we feel good, but the earth is really bad. All the songs talks about that.

What would you say has been your greatest influence in creating the band?
ZOILO: The most important thing was that we wanted to share the musical ideas we had at that moment. We liked different harmonies and rhythms than most of the people.

How do you go about creating a sound that is all your own and that doesn’t mimic any other bands?
ZOILO: Just looking for it. It needs time and patience!
DIEGO: Zoilo did a great work in the studio, he was trying lots of sounds for a lot of time until he found the sound we all like. Nowadays, a lot of bands have the same digital sound. All of them sound the same, and we don’t like that. We wanted our own sound, and we found it.

What kind of feelings did you get when you learned that Chuck had succumbed to the brain disease he suffered from?
ZOILO: Of course we felt bad. He was a great musician and if he’d stay alive he’d do lots of interesting music for sure.

When you play the type of metal that you guys do, do you ever lose track of where you are? When does technical become too technical?
DIEGO: At first, when you’re learning a song, you might find some trouble playing some parts, but after studying and practicing them a lot, you get them in your mind and then it’s easier. I think technical become too technical when there are no feelings, when rhythm and notes have no sense, and of course when something is impossible to play! What I mean is that it isn’t only about what your hands can do, but what music can make you feel. When you forget this, it becomes too technical.

What are you expecting to get out of releasing an album? What can an album do that tracks uploaded on Myspace, Reverbnation, LastFM, Facebook and any other social media can’t do?
DIEGO: Nowadays, releasing a physical album is something symbolic, no one can try to sell thousands or millions of copies. But there are lots of people who like to have the albums in their hands, and that’s what online music can’t do.
ZOILO: Sincerely, I prefer a good sound, not the one that you can hear on those social medias.

How important is playing live to you guys? What kind of opportunities are there today to play live? How do you compete with other bands for the attention of the crowd?
ZOILO: We play live to enjoy it, I mean, we and the people.
There are less opportunities than before because of the music we do. DJ’s and big parties are what people are looking for in plenty of places.
DIEGO: We never compete with other bands, we don’t even think about that. This is not a race, this is for fun. I think competing is the worst thing you can do in music.

I’ve never had to name an album. How hard is it to come up with a really great album title? What does an album title have to have to make it great?
DIEGO: What we think is that the name has to match the main idea of the lyrics and the general concept of the album, and it also has to make you feel what the music it contains makes you feel. It is hard to find a name that all the band like, but after discussing lots of ideas we finally found a really great name for our new album.

How important is the cover art work? Does it have to match the album title? Which comes first, the art work or the title?
DIEGO: Yes, it’s important. Of course not as much as the music, but it’s the first thing that people will see, so it has to be impressive. And it has to match the title and the music, because the whole album contains the same idea, everything is connected.
In our new album, the title came first, and then the art work, but it could be the opposite. If the idea is the same it doesn’t matter what comes first.

What future is there for the band in 2013?
ZOILO: We hope to keep making music, play live and maybe compose new material.

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