UNZUCHT has a name that brings images of goth and doom to my eyes/ears. So much that I had to interview them. Anders Ekdahl ©2014

For all those that are not familiar with the band a short introduction might be in order.
Fuhrmann: Cheers! We’re Unzucht. We’re a four-piece from Lower Saxony in Germany. We’ve been around for four years now and love to play all over the place.

What would you say that you play? What do you consider your music?
Fuhrmann: We play our own brand of dark rock with a lot of influences from industrial to gothic rock to metal.

What would you say has been your greatest source of inspiration? What has shaped the sound of UNZUCHT?
Fuhrmann: That’s always a tough question since our influences are very diverse. Every member of Unzucht brings their own unique style to the table – like our singer digs spanish folklore music (he’s half spanish), our guitarist and programmer loves shredding, especially Meshuggah, and our bassplayer and me (I’m the drummer) love Filter and Deftones. We all love Nine Inch Nails, though. And Katy Perry.

How well respected are you guys in your local/national metal scene?
Fuhrmann: We’re getting there. A lot of people don’t know about us yet – our latest album charted on #61 in Germany, but that doesn’t really help in getting attention. We are pretty respected by everyone who knows us and has seen us play live so far. We get along with our peers and our fans really well.

Would you say that there is a concept to UNZUCHT? What would that be in that case?
Fuhrmann: There’s not really a laid out kind of concept. Our only concept is to be an actual rock band and bring that element into our realm, with the programmed industrial parts and melodic vocals and everything. We just connect with people. We do put on a show to some degree, but only do what comes naturally – and people really appreciate that we don’t have that theatrical element in our shows. It’s all energy.

I personally am not a great friend of humans. I think most people suck big time. What is wrong with mankind in your opinion?
Fuhrmann: I think it’s okay to be self-centered to a certain degree. It’s just people being fearful and turning that into hating everybody who’s different from them which has always been the problem with mankind. Be cool, try to accomplish everything you want, get rich, get fit, get fat, go broke – whatever floats your boat. Just don’t step all over other people in the process. It sounds so easy, but it’s not.

What is so great about nihilism that we see in a lot of metal these days? What is nihilism to you?
Fuhrmann: I have no real answer to why nihilism seems to be popular in metal. To me it’s all about not letting people tell you what to do. If you have trouble believing in church and politics, like a lot of people do, that’s like a great gateway to nihilism. I can relate to that. So many things are happening that are just plain stupid. It makes you want to get fucked up and sometimes not do the politically correct things.

What kind of reactions have you had to your demo so far?
Fuhrmann: People either love or hate our music and I’m totally fine with that. We get mostly praise but I also appreciate it when people lash out on us – and least they care enough to talk or write about us, haha.

What are the benefits of releasing it digitally and not physically?
Fuhrmann: Our music is available both digitally and physically. You need to release it digitally in this day and age – since there are kids out there that don’t have CD players and of course we don’t want to force them to steal the music. I really dig CDs, though, and we do sell more CDs than downloads, actually, which I think is cool.

What future do you see?
Fuhrmann: I see… lots of Unzucht shows! Everybody should come and check us out! We do tend to the dark side of life but our concerts are always a huge celebration! Cheers!

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