Davy Vain you might know from his work as a recording artist or as a producer. It’s been quite about his recorded work for some time now but that is all about to change. Anders Ekdahl ©2011

Davy Vain, you’ve been round the block more than once. How do you view this new try for your band? Is this your time to make it big?
-I don’t set goals on any kind of commercial success , I just want as many people to hear it as possible and I work hard to prove I have something ordinal and kick ass to offer people that follow me and new people discovering me… If it makes money I just spend more on making the next one great.

I remember your music from way back. Even to me who was into extreme metal in the 80s your band had an attitude that attracted me and many of my ilks. Can you explain the attraction your music has had on people?
-It means so much to me that the music moved a lot of people, the only thing I can explain is we always tried to do what we believed was cool and never sold out just to get big, don’t get me wrong I would have loved to be a giant major band but wanted to do it in a way that my favourite bands did. And not some song writer hit type rock thing…

To me standing on the outside looking in it seems like a conflicting game on the one hand being a producer and on the other being a recording artist. Are you as a recording artist a bad patient? Nit picking in every details.
-Sometimes I do but then I like things raw on my own vocals I would rather keep a vocal that I though expressed my feeling on a word or line then one that was in better tune but was boring, but it does get difficult to get over all the hundreds of details and choices producing yourself, when I work with other people it’s much easier.

This might be a too large a question to answer conclusively but how has the hardrock/heavy metal scene changed over times?
-God, I really could not tell you! I know I thought it was better when I was a kid there where all the rock gods playing your local enormo dome and that was it!

With a new album ready does it feel like a relief or is it now that all the worrying begins?
-It’s not relief but more satisfaction if your happy with the record it’s like a new chapter of my life coming to the universe I get more sad then worried that I have to stop because I think I can keep making it better ..

As I have no song writing experience at all I have no idea if it gets harder or easier over the years to come up with new song ideas. Does it ever strike you with surprise when you come up with something new that hasn’t already been written before?
-Yea it does coming up with lyrics that say what you’re feeling but feel fresh and not used a million times are difficult and the hardest part of song writing the ways to keep fresh on writing sex songs is to go on tour and do as much research as possible, not for me but for the music bro 🙂

With so much music having been written over the years by so many great artists how do you not succumb to performance anxiety over your own songs?
-To be a great band or singer or punk rocker or athlete or stripper or porn star or any kind of performer “confidence is the most important thing, when you go perform you just know it’s time to kick ass it does not matter who came before, the ones you loved were just you masters like in kung fu now it’s time for you to prowel the stages…

Does it surprise you that people are still interested in you and your music after so many years in the business when other artists seem to vanish as quickly as they appeared?
-Yea, but it’s great, when we get new people into it, that’s great… like at our shows now most of the crowd is very young I think it’s because like I said before we tried so hard to make it not lame when rock can get lame very easily, there’s that fine line of too serious and lame…

Now that there’s a new album will we see you go on huge world tours or has the climate for touring changed too?
-I want to play as many gigs for this record as possible, so yes!

How do you re-build a fan base that used to be there? Are people so loyal that they come back once there’s something new to awe over?
-I don’t think about that. I just do my thing and try and make sure if someone sees me they are not dissipated

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