Death metal from Brazil isn’t my main diet of South American metal but VALHALLA proves that there’s life in that genre too. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

I find it strange that there are no other bands named Valhalla considering the Viking metal boom that seem to happening. How do you feel that the name fits the music you play?’
Ariadne: The name “Valhalla” came from reading the Norse literature, but our letters do not refer to this issue.

I guess that in order for you to stand out from all the other hopeful bands in the World you need something extra. Is there a difference to the way women play death metal compared to men?
Ariadne: I don’t see any difference! I just think that women lack interest to play death metal. Unfortunately, it’s a cultural issue, but it has reduced lately.

What would you say are your main characteristics? What is it in the sound that sets you apart from other death metal bands?
Ariadne: Our death metal is traditional and extremely heavy. Every band has its musical references of the pioneering bands. I see our distinction as a very subjective thing to be explained by words.

When you are in a metal band is there a way you have to look to be metal? Is it more accepted to look different if you play in a band?
Ariadne: People create many stereotypes and musical taste goes far beyond the way you dress. We separate our professional lives of the band things. We only dress different when we are playing.

How important is it to belong to a certain scene? To dress and act in a certain way?
Ariadne: I don’t like to be a part of the scene, because the word “scene” means staging, theater and seems like a fake. We have some friends, but I think there’s a lack of unity to support the bands of the same place.

When you play live what kind of response do you get from the fans? How much more women come to your shows than to an all male band’s shows?
Ariadne: Many people support our band, even more because it’s unusual women playing death metal. The public pays a lot of attention and be surprised with our concert. I always see fewer women than men in any concert, regardless of the type of band.

Do you feel like you are part of a whole new generation were gender isn’t important anymore but instead what you accomplish matters?
Ariadne: Yes Today women no longer have limitations as they had when they were engaged only with their home and family.

When you have been going as long as you have what has been the best thing being in a band?
Ariadne: For me is to do something you like and have people that admires you.

How hard is it to find the right people (label, management etc.) to work with? What is it that you want/need from these person?
Ariadne: Yes That’s why we had so many lineup changes in the band. It’s hard to find people interested and working hard to get a result.

What can we expect in the future from Valhalla?
Ariadne: We are finalizing the recording of our new work with four songs and own production. You can expect something very brutal!

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