Itailan’s VALLORCH will surely give Finns Ensiferum, Turisa, Finntroll etc. a run for their money. Check them out by reading this interview to begin with. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

I don’t think I’m alone in not being familiar with VALLORCH so could you please give us a short introduction into the band?
-We are a Folk Metal band which was born in late 2010. After several lineup changes prior to our recording career, we settled with current one. We combine traditional folk instruments with death metal, creating a three voiced mixture, headed by Sara’s crystal clear vocals.

Looking at your photos I get a strong Finnish feel to your approach. How much have the Finnish war metal of bands like Turisa and Ensiferum played a part in shaping you guys?
-They sure did their part, as they’re among our favorites! Even though we have several differences, as we don’t use any keyboards but play live every instrument we record; or the fact that our main vocalist has a total different singing style. Maybe we might be similar at first sight as we dress up with costumes too, but if you give it a listen, you’ll clearly hear what’s similar and what isn’t.

When you have a clear concept, as you guys seem to have, how hard is it to realize the ideas?
-It all depends on the creative process. Most of the times we try to combine our different musical ideas and give a structure to some kind of riff, a melody or so. If there’s already a concept to create the song with, it might be a little bit laborious to express that specific one, as just a little passage can put the song in a different mood, so we just have to not rush into it. At times we let a certain song go for a period of time because we got stuck and come back to work on it later. We won’t drop the song until we’re all convinced!

When you have as clear a concept as you guys don’t your ever fear that the music will be lost in all the imagery? How do you avoid for the music to take a back seat role?
-We never really thought of that, we always put music in the main role. The imagery is obviously great because we want to give people who come to see us an amazing show and a different experience, but it didn’t start from there, we didn’t start with costumes. Music comes first, and no one of us ever questioned that.

As I haven’t written songs for an album, or any songs for that matter, I have no idea how tough it is to come up with an album worth of songs. How much do you scrap because the songs don’t fit the concept?
-Well, it’s a little bit difficult to foresee if the song will match the idea, but it was never a problem to us, as the concept grew alongside with the songs. We didn’t start from a certain lyric or idea, but formed them while we composed the songs. Of course there always was a certain mood, like “sadness”, “cheerfulness” and such, but the whole thing grew by its own, at its own pace.

Once you have an album worth of songs how tough is it to find the right kind of studio and people to work with to realize your vision?
-That might be hard if you’re at your first experience, because you never know who you’re going to be working with. It’s important to click with the person who works with you in order to do a good job! It’s very important to find places and people to be comfortable with, and spending some time finding the right one is not wasted time at all.

Now that you’ve come as far as having the album released what kind of feelings are involved with that?
-There’s a lot of satisfaction in listening to your songs finally done, and a whole lot of excitement too for we want to know what people think. There’s a lot of tension though, because we’re afraid fans might not like some songs and such. Actually the best thing to do is just enjoy the fact that you made a complete product, and holding your own creation in your hands feels just amazing.

What are your expectations of this new album? What would you like to see it do for the band?
-We’d like to see If it can make us play in different places and more and more stages, and make us better known in foreign countries. So far the reception was great, so we’re all happy!

How do you intend to take things a step further with a new album out?
-We want to create a better show for those who come to see us, and keep things growing. Play in new places, have new experiences, and receive opinions on our work to keep getting better.

What else do you plan for the future?
-We’d like to play at festivals and outside Italy too. So far, we’re planning our live gigs and see where that will lead. We’re thrilled to find out what the future holds!

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