I don’t know if VANIR wants to be labeled Viking metal but that is the first thing I come to think of when I see their album covers. ©2015 Anders Ekdahl

A while back you released a new album. What kind of responses have you had to it?
The glorious dead was released October last year. Since then we have had both positive and negative response.. Mostly positive and I guess we are happy about that. The thing is, we don’t really listen to the critics.

When you release your first album you have a long runway to launch. With each consecutive new album you got less time to come up with something that tops the previous one. How do you avoid repeating yourself?
-We haven’t given it much thought. Out “tactics”, if you can call it that, are to make an album when we think that there is enough material and man power to do so. But we most certainly do not think that this album repeats the sound from the 2 previous albums.

How hard is it to come up with lyrics that works with the nusic, to get it all flowing frictionless?
-The human history is vast and there is plenty of cruelty and hate in human nature to write an infinite number of lyrics about cruel historical battles, lore and dark cultures 
You just really need to open a history book! And the lyrics write themselves.

How do you go about chosing art work? How much input do you have in the choice of cover art work?
-Our bass player Lars Bundvad is the artist. Our goal is to let the artwork tell the listener something about the album. I guess that is the guideline.

With so many different sub genres of metal how do you define your sound? When does it stop being this or that and just becomes VANIR metal?
-We do not define ourselves in genres. We seek sounds we like and do not give much thought to what genre it is. The listeners/critics call I Viking/folk metal… but what is that really? If you think of it.. ist mostly a musical and cultural discourse that “brands” a band so that critics and listeners can identify it. I can never be a sound in itself.

What is the Danish metal scene like in 2015?
-It is growing It seems. There´s a lot of gigs and more acknowledgement of the genre. The festival Copenhell has a lot to do with that I think.

What stops you from becoming the greatest Danish metal export ever?
-That has never been a goal. But I think that we are too much of a “sub” genre to do that. And.. time, time, time and yeah money! Always at struggle to be a metal musician in Denmark.

What kind of live scene is there in Denmark today? Has the social media killed the live scene?
-No on the contrary! The social media helps the live scene! It’s a promo platform that thrives! The live scene has one big problem! To many “small” show with low revenue stream.

When you go on stage is it more of a party feeling or do you dress up with fancy scenery and stuff?
-We just go on stage to preform our asses off! Its our goal to give the audience a good time! Musicians are jesters! All of us! Nothing more nothing less! We had stage “costumes” and are talking about reinventing it again in the “new” Vanir with our new sound and Logo.

What does the future hold for VANIR?
-We are seeking a new key board player, and are writing a new CD. Its going to be something new Again…

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