When I first heard of VARGSHEIM I didn’t think that their combo of 70s hardrock and black metal would work but I was wrong. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

Where did the idea to mix black metal with more 70s sounding hardrock come from?
-It wasn’t a idea, it’s only a description to what our sound’s like. We were raised on rock by the music of our parents like Deep Purple, Scorpions, Def Leppard. Later we came into Metal and especially Black Metal, but the Rock´n´Roll never left us and was always a big influence in our style.

How important is the right band name? What made you go for VARGSHEIM?
-When we started rocking together we played Black Metal with a Pagan supplement. But our band-name should not be too defining and limit us to a lyrical theme. “Vargsheim” means “home of the wolfs” and this is what the band is for us. It’s a spiritual place where we can retreat and express our selves, but the most important thing is not the name, it’s what you do in this name.

How well has that mix worked out for you guys? What kind of responses have you had to your sound
-We didn´t aspire a special equality of BM and Rock elements. What emerged is the result of channeling our feelings and inspirations into the music, it all happened intuitive. The feedback is pretty good, to be honest much better than we expected. I treasure we created something really unusual that really polarizes.

Is it important in today’s metal scene to find a sound that really stands out? What have been your greatest influences?
-If you look at the current retro-hype it doesn’t seem so. But that’s ok, I do also like a few of these “new-old” bands even if they don´t have a very creative sound. The most important thing is to be authentic and not to be bent by trends. Like I said we are inspired by several Rockbands since our childhood and listen to many of them till today. Guns´n´Roses or Rainbow for example always find their way in my CD-Player. The most influencing Black Metal-Bands are probably Taake, Enslaved and Shining.

You have a bunch of albums to your name. How do you feel that the progress of the band has gone so far
In fact “Erleuchtung” is just our second album, our other releases where a demo and two split-cd´s. We’re proud of what we reached in the past and that our style has evolved to what it is today.

What does it give to you to use your own language instead of going at it in English?
-It just feels right to us to use our mother-language. Years ago I tried to write some English lyrics, not for Vargsheim by the way, but all of these tries ended in cheesy crap about drinking beer and girls, haha. Only in our own language we can express in the way we want it.

Do we see a greater tolerance for music sung in other languages than English today? If so what do you feel has contributed to this?
-Yeah, maybe…Metal-Bands that sing in English not as their mother-language often use the same few words like darkness, death and so on. I think it’s interesting for people to listen to metal sung in a unusual language, even if they don’t understand any word. But who does that in many in English-singing Black Metal-bands?! From the technical side German is a hard and rough language and it’s very suitable for BM-vocals. Though I think we’ll release some official translations to our lyrics because they’re very important to us and we don’t want to be misunderstood by the people.

What kind of scene is there for metal like yours in Germany? What kind of response have you gotten so far?
-We’ve got a very huge Metal-scene and the subgenre Black Metal is getting more important in the hole context in my opinion. We got some very positive reactions to our new album “Erleuchtung”, and we’re very glad with the support. The lyrical concept receives great interest of what we’re very proud.

How do you best take your music outside of Germany? Do you play live a lot abroad?
We have never played abroad, there wasn’t any chance to do that yet. At the moment all of our appearance in other country’s is based on the work of our label MDD-Records and our Internet-presence.

What lies in the future for your guys?
-We’re working on new Songs already and target the next album-records. Of course I hope there will be a lot of gigs more and we’ll get better and bigger.

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