vodVEIL OF DECEPTION could very well b e a deceptive name. They might not sound at all the way that you imagine from the name. But there is only one way to find out, Anders Ekdahl ©2016

Was it hard to come up with a name? What does the name mean to you?
DANIEL – Well at the end of the day it’s gotta be something that sounds good and also somehow captures the sound and the spirit of the band… I think Veil of Deception does both to perfection. It has a cool sound to it and it somehow catches people’s attention.

Who would say are the founding stones of the kind of sound you have? Who are your house Gods and how have they coloured your music?
DANIEL – We all have many different influences and I think that’s the reason our sound is so interesting. My background is for the most part classic heavy metal and hard rock (Maiden, Dio, Motley Crue, Skid Row) and old school thrash (Anthrax, Death Angel, Flotsam and Jetsam). Some of the other guys like more modern stuff (Machine Head, Korn, Volbeat, Disturbed…) it’s all good. I think it’s all these different influences that make us unique in a way.
DEJAN – Everything, from music, movies, everyday situation, feeling, mood, etc…

When you play slow do you have to think differently arranging the music than if you play faster and vice versa?
DANIEL – From a vocalist standpoint it’s a bit of a different animal. Basically I have to rely on emotion and range a lot more and you need a lot more conviction when you sing.
DEJAN – No, because I have to tab the guitars/songs/riffs first before I can show the guitars/songs/riffs my bandmates, so they can learn them until we start to practice them the next time!

How does your music work in a live environment?
DANIEL – we absolutely play our skins off up onstage.People who come along to one of our gigs should expect a very intense show with heaps of energy and dramatism.
DEJAN – There is no difference.

How important is having a label to back you up today when you can just release your music on any sort of platform online? Are there any negative consequences to music being too readily available to fans?
DANIEL – let’s be honest, it’s hard enough to hold down a regular job as it is so none of us has the time to do what a label can do for you in terms of promotion and just getting your name out there. I think a true fan will always support you one way or another… coming to your gigs and buying your merch. If they don’t they’re not true fans and they don’t love music as much as they boast.

I get the feeling that fans that are true to a band, is a lost thing with the easy access to music these days. Do you feel that this is a bad thing or are there any positive aspects of it at all?
DANIEL – As I said if they really like the band they will support it. Ilegally downloading music is intrinsecally bad but maybe that kid that did it will later on come to your gigs and buy your stuff (whenever he can afford it). I guess it is better to be listened to that way than not listened to at all and in due course true fans will support you.

What to you is a great front cover? What should a cover have to make it great?
DANIEL – Oh… very simple. If I am flipping through CDs in a store and I go “wow I have never listened to this band but I gotta listen to this” then it’s a great front cover.

Do you feel that you are part of a national scene? What is the climate for metal in your country?
DANIEL – Yeah I guess we feel part of what’s cooking out here. The Austrian scene is actually very buoyant and there’s plenty of different bands – some of them of outstanding quality.
DEJAN – No, because we are our own scene!

I use Spotify and Deezer but only as compliment to buying CDS (it’s easier to just have your phone or pad when your out) but I fear that soon music as we know it will be dead and buried. What are your worries as a band?
DANIEL – Well it’s not like we’re gonna become millionaires if people actually buy our CDs but it helps knowing our fans support the band and chip in to make sure we keep going.
DEJAN – Back in the day when people had no internet, they used audio cassettes to record their favorite Songs from the radio; I can’t imagine how much money the music industry lost!

What does the future hold?
DANIEL – Gigs gigs gigs gigs and hopefully a killer album next year.

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