German thrash veterans VENDETTA might not have been my cup of java back in the 80s but age has brought wisdom with it for me to appreciate the band today. Anders Ekdahl

When you started the band the first time what was it that made you want to start a band?
-We wanted to play music, that`s it. It was a part of our life when we were young.

You came up in the shadows of great German bands like Kreator and Sodom. What kind of reactions did you get to your music then?
-We had great feedbacks for Go and Live .. and Brain Damage – but after the second album was the split

Germany has always had a great thrash metal scene. Is there something to thrash metal that fits the German mentality?
-It was everything in the 80`s – the NWOBHM came up and the faster stuff – and then we had a lot of bands at that great Time – Rock, Hairmetal, Metal and especially Thrash

Beside the two big names which bands did you compete with the first time around? Any of those bands that stood out more than the others?
-We had to compete with everybody – (haha) no, Tankard from Germany and Helstar, we had a great time on Tour.

What was it that made Vendetta break up/take a break?
-Everybody had his own problems and we were young – about 20 years old – after Vendetta, everybody had his own projects – but nothing like Speed or Thrash Metal

What was it that made you want to get back together?
-We started a homepage – and after a short time we had thousands of visitors.

Now that you are a couple of albums into your new stint, how do you view the comeback? Was it everything you’d thought it would be?
-No – there was no marketing on the HATE-album by our first label Metal Axe. That was a fault, definitely, but now we are happy at Massacre-Records

How different is the music scene now compared to the first time around?
-What do you mean ?? Downloads (haha) no I`m kidding. It`s not easy to get a new contract this time. It’s not easy to stay alive for bands and I think even for labels.

Having been there twice how does today’s thrash metal scene compare to the one the first time around?
-There are a lot of bands like at the beginning – Kreator, Sodom, Destruction, Tankard, old school, and a lot of the modern style bands but the most important thing is, that metal is coming back at all. Look back to the 90`s, that was a really bad Time.

How far do you intend to take Vendetta this time?
-Do you do things differently now? No, we are still playing music, music we like to play and everybody has his family. We are 20 years older (haha) but we have all we want to have. Keep Thrashing.

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