When you live on an island in the Mediterranean you might fell cut off but that doesn’t stop VICTIMS OF CREATION from being heavy as hell. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

How big is the metal scene in Malta? How tight knitted is the metal scene in Malta?
-Well, Malta is a very small country, slightly overpopulated, and metal is still mainly an underground scene. For its size we have a healthy metal/underground scene which spans across a diversity of genres. Indeed, almost everyone knows each other in one way or the other. Overall, there is mutual support between band members and fans of different styles however, some “fragmentation” is noticeable, e.g. individuals liking a particular genre will not venture to explore bands of another genre/style. Unfortunately, there are very limited opportunities for exposure both due to a lack of venues and audience, needed to support such events.

I know of a couple Maltese metal bands but they are easy to count on my hand’s five fingers. How much do you have to look elsewhere to find bands and people to be inspired by?
-Actually, there are quite a few local bands, say about 30-40 bands spanning all genres, some of which are well known outside of Malta. There are some great local musicians that will in some way influence or inspire your playing. However, it is almost inevitable, that any musician will dig out bands and artists that are not from his/her own country to be inspired by.

What would you say have been your biggest musical influence(s) in forming the sound of VICTIMS OF CREATION?
-The Victims of Creation sound was most likely influenced by death metal bands such as Obituary, Edge of Sanity, Morbid Angel, Entombed and doom metal bands like early Cathedral, Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride, Funeral etc.,

How pleased are you with your debut album? How much of a dream come true is it to see it in physical form?
-Considering the great amount of problems and fuck ups we had during the years we are very pleased with our debut album. Indeed it is a dream come true seeing your music being finally published! So far we had a very good feedback and positive reviews which makes the effort worthwhile.

Does the cover art work really matters in this day and age of digital downloads?
-In rock and metal albums, cover art makes an integral part of the publication. In our case, we feel that the artwork complements and enhances the listeners’ experience by aiding visual conception of the intended feel expressed in the music and lyrics. It is a policy of our label (Cyclone Empire) to promote music in its physical format, the old fashioned way – as an album is meant to be. This is something we endorse and believe it is a characteristic that should be maintained in the underground scenes.

Why the choice of band name? What is the meaning of the band name?
-The words “Victims of Creation” were actually part of the lyrics of an old song – the last verse read “and we with our Masters, left Victims of Creation”… It refers to the fact that we humans are victims of our own existence and our own creations (e.g. religions, politics, society).

How do you stand out when there are so many bands to compete with for the attention of the fans?
-Indeed there are so many great bands out there! Yet, we believe that we are expressing our own perspective of Doom/Doom-Death in a personal, genuine manner.

How important is the choice of label today in an ever declining record industry?
-It is important to work with a label that truly believes in the music you are producing and is truly committed to promote your work in a transparent way. We do not have much experience in the matter and cannot truly elaborate.

What do you expect to get out of working with a label that you couldn’t get from doing it yourself?
-Labels with a good reputation are likely to put you in the limelight and give you certain exposure and contacts that are very laborious and time consuming to do by yourself. We therefore would expect better distribution and promotion of our work, eventually leading to a firmer foothold in the underground scene.

What would you like the future to hold for the band?
-We wish to continue writing lots of new material and release more albums. We hope to have more opportunities to play abroad and spread our “Word of doom”, to meet and share the stage with other bands and meet cool people!! Ah! And yes of course to savor different delicacies.. and beer!

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