Victorians Aristocrats Symphony – interview

Female symphonic bands are something of a novelty – and even more so if you’re from Poland – so prepare to be astounded by the regality of Victorians Aristocrats Symphony!

1. So how are VAS gonna be celebrating the New Year – what will you be drinking? Will it be a quiet get together with the other band members perhaps around a fire with some fine cognac – or will you be partying like an orgy lol?

Utis: Me and Mr Nice were in bed, but not together 🙂 so unfortunately I can’t share with you any orgiastic spicy details. It’s a bit frustrating that instead of noble champagne you must drink syrup. BUT… the Chinese will celebrate the New Year on February 10 and I’m going to join the celebration! Nothing can stop me!

Vi: I was celebrating New Years Eve with some friends. Basically we took 4 days off from anything else than food, drink and games 😉

2. So what exactly is the ‘V Lodge’? It is some sorta club where all the members of VAS met up…?

Utis: It would be wonderful if we had such place…

Let’s start with the fact that The Lodge is an important part of our history. It’s both a symbol of our art (music, images, lyrics, ideas) and a real being (a gathering of people who are crazy enough to change reality).

So except VA’S we also decided to establish The Lodge mainly by the reason that when you make the effort to create something great, to realize the work of your mind, your desires, then it is possible that this idea will gather people around you. Of course, our idea led straightly to the found of Victorians (4 members), but beside us there are many other people who are close to us and of course many, many wonderful fans! The Lodge is such a “place”, which allows people to identify with our ideas…

The history of The Lodge will be updated with additional details in our video game that we are now working on.

3. Where abouts in Poland are you from – you mention a hundred year ancestral lineage so what’s the story and are any of you actually nobles or hold aristocratic titles?

Utis: One day we will receive knighthood from the British Queen, that’s for sure 🙂 and we all will be singing “God Save Victorians… & The Queen”. I do not suppose that in my veins flows a royal blood but never say never… Nobility refers mainly to our Spirit.

4. I find your look fascinating as well as the music – it seems to incorporate a number of styles from goth to symphonic to folk to metal so how would VAS best describe themselves and how did you arrive at the sound?

Utis: Hard to say, we don’t think about music genres while creating our art. Both our outfit and our music is just realization of our fantasies.

Vi: Before we started to create first songs for the Revival album we were composing mainly progressive gothic compositions that included keyboard tracks. Than we’ve decided to focus on melody, rich symphonic orchestrations and simplify both guitars and drums. We did all that to emphasize truly epic vocals of Eydis 🙂

5. Are you Poland’s first symphonic female fronted band – most of the polish bands on the international circuit (Vader, Decapitation, Behemoth) seem to be more aggressive in the style whereas yours is more sophisticated?

Utis: We are not the first but we are the ones who dream big! To be frank, in Poland there are very few symphonic metal bands… Some were trying to conquer the foreign lands but without a major success. We gonna be the first!!!

6. Your vocalist Eydis has an amazing voice – is she (or any other members of VAS for the matter) formally trained or hold any special qualifications in musicianship?

Vi: Eydis is the only one who is professionally trained within our ranks 🙂 She studied operatic vocals on Academy of Music in Katowice. The rest of us are self taught 😉

7. How well has your album “Revival” been received both in your homeland of Poland as well as internationally?

Vi: We are pleased that the reviews are very good. The most valuable ones are those that were written by a true haters of symphonic metal and operatic vocals! They all admit that our music should be a real treat to the fans of symphonic metal as our music consist of every element that they so deeply hate ha ha

8. Finally, what can we expect to see of Victorians Aristocrats Symphony in 2013?

Vi: A lot 🙂 Orchestral version of our “Revival” album, adventure computer game about Victorians, hopefully a few video clips and a new album before the end of the year 🙂 Other than that we expect to perform a few concerts.

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