VIPER VENOM is another Italian metal band that deserves your attention. Perhaps a tad more traditional in their sound but nevertheless equally as good as any other Italian metal band I had to interview singer Miriam. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

What was it that made you want to form a band under the name of Viper Venom?
-The snake is a sort of mystical animal, we wanted to find a catching and aggressive name for the band, something that can representing us at all. Viper venom sounds like something lethal, and personally I’m kinda scared of vipers but I can be a viper too… and I’m glad of being.

What would you say has been the greatest influence on your sound? Where do you find inspiration to write music?
-We just come from different musical tastes, but we’re all sons of heavy metal indeed. So I think that this is the linking point of the band. It’s easy to heard massive influence by Pantera or Iron Maiden in our tracks with progressive metal ideals of composing a song. It’s hard to understand where do the inspiration comes… main line are made by Marco, the Bass player, but when someone else feels something, we play it getting the shape of new song.

How hard was it to come up with a good band name and what does a good band have to have to make it good?
-I think that when you truly believe in your project and in all the things you do, when you don’t let you easily put off by things that happens you can do it. But most important thing is to play, shaping perfectly what you’ve got in your mind feel your songs and being a human interpreter of your music.

How hard is it to come up with an album title that is but catchy as well as not too wimpy? How important is the album title?
-I think that the album title comes naturally at the end of the work.. you know, it’s like a child born…you see the baby raise him to the sky ad tell “ I’ll call you in this way”…. Without thinking about it a lot… it comes out alone … anyway I think that the title is really important it’s just like a calling card for the band.

When choosing album art work, what were you looking for? How did you end up with the art work that you chose?
-”In Venom Veritas” is almost like a concept album. Ten tracks are metaphors of medical issues relate to everyday life. The art work cover figures ten snakes that represent the ten tracks of the album that frames the face of a poisoned girl.

How hard is it to be heard in today’s metal scene where there are thousands of bands all over the net screaming for attention?
-Really, really hard. Every band promote itself. There’s different way for do it, you can do it by your own or you can associate with promotion agency that surely help you in this “jungle”

What benefits are there to a DIY-ethic that you wouldn’t have had you been signed to a label?
-If you find a label that really believes in you and in your project, and really understand the music that you play, I bet that a collaboration can start easily with. Otherwise you must be smarter to understand if this label want to do its own project on you, and that’s what happened to us in the last work. For “in venom veritas” we’ve do it all by our own, in this way we’ve felt sure on what we did and what we’ll doing

What kind of interest is there for the kind of metal you play in Italy? Where do you see yourself having the greatest chance of finding an audience?
-Internet in our days is the best key for all…and the stage you must fight in these two rings.

How frustrating is it that you have to look elsewhere to be recognized as a great metal band, that your fellow Italian metalheads might miss out on a great band?
-New scenes metal bands in Italy are really underrated, people concentrated more on old metal colossuses, and discover new and fresh music is really heard…it’s a country to renew in all the ways not only musically speaking.

What future have you planned for the band?
-We’ve stopped for about two years for making new album and to finding the new guitarist so the future for us has just one world…that is: playing. Playing all over, the best things that can happen to us.

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