VITER are a new and promising metal act from the Ukraine that are on the up and go with their new album out now. I interviewed Yulian – vocal and Bohdan – bass. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

I came upon you by chance surfing Youtube. How much effort have you put into getting known outside of Ukraine?
Yulian: VITER is new enough band – recently we recorded our first longplay and a promo-campaign is about to begin. Nevertheless our previous EPs were accepted quite well all over the world we won’t stop at reached at the moment and will continue our expansion to Europe and rest of the world.
Bohdan: Besides, we took a new musical direction at the longplay and now we are by the way bursting through old fans’ conservative unreadiness for changes. Guys, changes are an important part of our musical nature, you take it or not.

What kind of responses have you had so far to you music? How much of an interest have you had from places outside of the Ukraine?
Yulian: We get very diverse reactions on our music – from the most positive to full completion mixing with shit. I think this is normal. We are not too cranky and are ready for any reactions.
Anyway, it’s a great pleasure to receive positive feedback from our the most enthusiastic listeners who send it to us in social networks. You should know – you give us strength in this fucked up world.

You have a new album ready to be released now. How would you say it differs from all your past recordings?
Yulian: Yes, the music of new album is quite different compared to previous recordings on EPs. Honestly, I can’t imagine a band saying “yeah, our musical stuff is fully identical to all our previous shit”. Someone compares us with RAMMSTEIN and IN EXTREMO, and some people just relish what we make. As for me – all these comparisons is crap. The main thing is that music should rock us and roll us, and if somebody else also – that would be great.
Bohdan: By the way, rocking and rolling is the essence of our new aesthetics – now and for some future. Though we play music that sounds heavy and metal-like, in fact we begin to consider ourselves now as a rock band and this tendency is only increasing.

What do you expect that this new album will do for the band? What do you want to get from releasing it?
Yulian: Well, since Ukraine is not very rich country, we want to get a lot of cash. Besides, to win MTV award and receive at least 5-6 million of likes on Facebook. Then we will know that we spoil our lives not in vain.

How hard is it to get things done the way you want when you live so far from all the great producers and record labels?.
Yulian: But we live close to Chernobyl zone. I think, it will compensate everything in course of time.
Bohdan: But we learnt and still are learning how to do many things by ourselves.

What has been the hardest task to achieve so far?
Yulian: For the time being everything goes easily. I don’t even know what to say – maybe to get completed work on CD from recording studio till the end of current era.
Bohdan: Everything goes easily only as a result of hard work. For me the hardest task is to secure safety of kozobas and people around me and kozobas every time during preparations for live performances.

Would you say that Ukraine is your best bet to make it big? It is one hell of a large country. How does a band go about touring such a place? The distances between towns must be huge.
Yulian: I suppose that life of the band here and in Europe or USA has not many differences. On tours everywhere there is always the same shit – you sleep little, eat little and have a fucking lot of road troubles and inconveniences. You just accept this damned circus in your life or not!

From what I understand technology is still a hard thing to get if you live in the Ukraine. Not everybody has a computer at home and internet connections have to be done in coffee shops. How much does this affect the way you can promote your band?
Yulian: Oh yeah, it’s really painful question. You asked what the hardest task to achieve was and now I recollected the hardest one ever – so it was the hardest thing to send these huge amounts of sound files via internet to our sound producer sitting all day in shitty coffee shops, and the sound producer had to receive them at the similar place. But as it’s impossible to buy ample USB flash drives which would accommodate all necessary information, we had to go to coffee shop 4 times every day during the month. It was terrible.
Bohdan: And we’ve got mutual collective hatred of coffee.

Can we talk about a Ukrainian metal scene? What kind of bands do you socialize with?
Yulian: Well, my personal favorites are bands like TIK, Dzidzio and KAMON! I’m not sure that this is all 100% true metal, but it’s ok with a drive there.
Bohdan: No, Yulian, it’s not 100% true metal… Nevermind, he is completely lost.

What future are there for Viter?
Yulian: Well, in the very near future we are planning a tour in support of album, in which I hope we won’t burn anybody with our pyrotechnical devices and leave unharmed ourselves as well.
Also we plan to film one or two musical videos for the new album in the nearest half of the year.
Thanks for the interview and visit our web page – for fresh sounds and videos and our Facebook profile – !

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