I love Black Sabbath. Any band that slightly resembles them gets my thumps up. VOID OF SLEEP is one of these bands that draw heavily from that era. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

How does a band like Void Of Sleep fit into the 21st century? Wouldn’t you much rather had been stuck in the 1970s?
Gale: I think we fit perfectly in 21st century, we are rooted in the 70s but we live these times and we are comfortable!
Burdo: yes, we also like a lot of band from the ultimate decades…ok, the seventies had their magic and incredible bands, but we are focused to the present and the future.

In the 90s grunge pretty much killed of heavy metal. Stoner rock didn’t have the same kind of influence. What is it about stoner rock that works were grunge didn’t?
Gale: I don’t think that grunge has killed metal! Bands like Alice in Chains or Soundgarden have many metal riffs and a metal sound. In the early 90’s the metal scene was amazing, Metallica, Pantera, Sepultura, Megadeth, Fear Factory, Machine Head, Messhuggah was in the highest times of theyr careers.

When you look to the past for a sound how much do you keep yourself in the present? How do you combine the past with the present?
Burdo: well…it’s a tough question, honestly i never raised the issue to myself, we don’t think that kind of things when we compose our songs, we just jam and the final result is a combo from our musical tastes, our sound and our way to express it…so we don’t give a fuck about if it sounds old or what.
Paso: Looking to the past we both agree that a lot of things are changed: we are now in the digital era, we are the “undo” artist generation. Lots of people think that computers are the best players available (cit.Frank Zappa) but vinyls are still alive and beloved. I think we need to learn how to produce a good record both from the past than from the present, don’t refuse analog only because it’s old and don’t refuse digital only because sounds poor. We should learn pro and cons and then trying to build the sound of the future. Yes this sound pretentious but we should try it!

What kind of scene is there in Italy for this kind of music? What kind of national response do you get?
Gale: In Italy there are so many great bands in our genre like Ufomammut, Lento, Black Rainbows, Isaak, Zippo and others.
Burdo: Absolutely true! There are these stoner/doom band in Italy, and there is an amazing underground scene in general…band like Sunpocrisy, Nero di Marte, At the Sundawn and Empyrios to name a few among others. In every cases the response is bigger outside our country more then inside, because in Italy there isn’t a lot of business abate that stuff…in particular we are a new band, in this days will come out our first record and our label is Italian….so let’s see!

When you form a band in Italy and you pretty much know that there is no scene for it with what intentions do you do it? How far abroad do you look?
Gale: I disagree with you, as I tell you before there are many great bands in our country. We hope to grow up as a good band, here in Italy and all over the world.

Is there anything in the Italian history that you can use as lyrical concept and make it fit with the music? Where do you look for inspiration to the lyrics?
Burdo: oh yes, I think that there is a lot in the italian history, a lot more than many other countries here in Europe…but for this record the lyrics are much more intimistic and triply…the songs are about the human mind and the emotions that may arise from it in a dark and decadent era like the one we live today.
Gale: The Italian story is incredible: the Romans, the Reinassance, very few country have a past, a culture and a inventiveness like us, nobody can say I’m wrong. Unfortunately in our days we can’t say the same.

If you were to choose one or two important eras in music what would they be? What time in history has meant the most to VOID OF SLEEP?
Paso: we’d like to stick in the present or in any other odd decade! My favorite is the ’90!
Burdo: mainly the 70’s and the 90’s…that’s because in the first, rock n’roll came in all his greatness! I’m talking about Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and all the others and the second because bands like Pantera and Tool reinvented it amazingly!

How pleased are you with your debut album? What expectations do you have on it?
Gale: We are really impressed about the feedback of our album, is not out yet but there are about 20 enthusiastic reviews from all over the world many called it masterpiece. We are really proud of our work and we hope that it will be liked to as many people as possible.

What kind of touring options do you have to promote the album? What would be the ideal tour for you guys?
Gale: The ideal tour should be a world tour supporting Black Sabbath! Haha all jokes aside at this moment a 15 days tour in clubs around Europe and a couple of Festivals it could be perfect.

What else do you expect from the future?
Burdo: I don’t know really…I can tell you what we will do! Rise, increase our level as a band, play wherever we can and write other songs…
Paso: Right now we are working on new songs, we’d like to expand our musical limits make any sort of experimentation. Beside this we’d like to play live a tons of gigs cause we feel much comfortable on a stage than in a rehearsal room!

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