I love thrash and I love discovering bands that I didn’t know of before. So I am as a happy as can be having come across VOLITION. Anders Ekdahl ©2018

Do you feel that is has gone the way you intended when you formed back in the days?
Malice : More than we expected. When Volition first formed in 2013, we had no clear idea for what the future holds as we just wanted make music that we liked listening to and write music of our own from our influences.
Christian : We have had a lot of changes in the band. We Believe almost everything happens for a reason, even if we don’t see it at the time.

How do you feel about your latest recording? Did it come out the way you expected it to?
Malice : It has. Brian Strickert did a fantastic job producing the record.
Christian : I personally love our last recording. it has a very dirty and crusty sound which I didn’t expect. between the artwork and the overall sound of the recording mixed and recorded by Brian Strickert at Big adventure Studios who we can’t thank enough. I think our first full length is somthing to be proud of.

Do you feel that you by now has found a sound that is the band and that you can build on it ?
Malice : We are always looking for new ideas and ways to build on our sound. We take Influence from Motörhead, Exodus, Sodom, etc. However sometimes we add other elements from each of our own individual influences as well.
Christian : We have definitely found a sound that sticks to us. We have always gotten compliments about how we sound old school and heavy as fuck.

Is having a message in the lyrics important to you? What kind of topics do you deal with?
Malice : It all depends really. We absolutely refrain from politics. However, on some ideas for lyrics, we write about the horrors of war, while also writing about fantasy like H.P. Lovecraft-esque stories.
Christian : It depends on the concept of what you are writing about and If the lyrics cover serious situations. On our album Visions of the Onslaught we mostly wrote about the concept of war, violence and execution.

How important is the cover art work for you? Can a really cool cover still sell an album in this day and age of digital download?
Malice : I really think an album art can convey an idea what the potential listener is going to hear. I mean in all honestly, if the cover looks really great, i am more than likely going to want hear the record.
Christian : The cover art was what we feel should be envisioned when we thought of the title. it grasps the feel of the whole album. this day and age the artwork of an album needs to speak alongside with the music. It can definitely still sell.

Why is it so hard for bands that come from places not the US or UK/Sweden/Scandinavia to break big? What is success to you and is it something you’d like to achieve?
Malice : It really depends on your goals in being a musician and how it is percieved. Ive seen bands who reside in cities where you would least likely to know that Metal actually exists in such place, and they have succeeded in some form or another musically.
Christian : Any bands go through hard times. the ones who still stay with their band and not give up are the ones who will most likely have success. success to me is getting noticed based on hard work and devotion to the band and having a product to sell like merch, cd’s, stickers, hat’s and wristbands can help the band grow, all it takes is one time hearing a band and if you dig them it’s pretty damn hard to forget about them.

Today the competition is harder. You got plenty of digital platforms for new talent to display their music. How do you do to really stand out in a world where everything but the music is blind to the listener?
Malice : You really just have to find your sound and build on it with your influences, and also promoting your music, via Youtube, Bandcamp, Reverbnation, etc.
Christian : Having energy onstage and though the music is important along with art and the look of a band that really makes a person want to check your band out. it’s better to just be yourself and have fun.

What is your local scene like? How important is a national scene for a band to be able to break out and make it international?
Malice : Its a very avant garde-like scene. We have a few metal bands from each sub-genre of metal including Black Metal, Death Metal, Industrial, etc. As far as metal shows here, they are rare, even for local shows. You have to make a loud enough noise within the metal underground to eventually start getting popular overseas.
Christian : The Tulsa music scene is awesome. We have lots of great bands that put on a sick performance everytime and fans who stay true to the music. The supporters who stay true to the bands are the ones who can push a band futher. in my opinion success drives within the passion of the members and the people who hear the band and give them support through the good and bad

Rock and metal has come a long way since the early 70s but still some people’s attitudes towards it seem to be left in the stone age. How accepted is metal in your area? Is it like in Finland where it seems to come with the mother’s milk?
Malice : Honestly, Metal has never been very popular here in Oklahoma, atleast not since the 80s when we had OLIVER MAGNUM, POWERLORD, LEGIONED MARCHER, FIRSTRYKE, FORTE, etc. For the most part, Tulsa has a bar oriented scene (which are basically cover groups), and Punk is fairly popular here especially for younger people. Metal here is quite rare. Oklahoma City on the other hand, has a decent metal scene.
Christian : Metal is loved in Tulsa. We can’t get enough. sure we don’t get big bands that come all the time but when a Metal band does come to tulsa we see familiar faces every time and we always party it up and bang our heads. With great local acts and badass merch we always will go to a great show.

What does the future hold for you?
Malice : We have our first full length coming out soon around March/April. We plan on doing more shows in the future.
Christian : The future holds a lot, Volition is just getting started. We believe good things are coming soon and we plan on thrashing hard in the future. We love making music and hearing the roar of the crowd when we step onstage. We have came a long way but that is no excuse. We plan on growing as a band and playing more cities in the future.

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