VYRE were new to me but I wanted to get to know more about them so I thought an interview would be in place. Anders Ekdahl ©2014

Is there a thought to the way you write your band name? How important is the band name?
-The word is not altered. It caught my attention the way we write it. I think it’s very versatile. We can fill it with every meaning we like to and it gets more important the more meaning we pour into it.

Just so we know what we are dealing with could you please give us a short introduction to the band?
-The band was formed a short while after three of us left the German Black Metal formation Eïs in 2011. With the main lyricist and songwriter still being in this band it was natural for us to change the musical and lyrical concept to something we could better relate to. I brought in the idea to make it all sci-fi based. The others instantly liked the idea, we gathered musicians for the vacant spots and as inspiration was flowing, got back up to speed in no time. So here we are with the fresh release of “The Initial Frontier pt. 1” and the second part already in the pipeline scheduled for release in Q1 2014. Both albums are filled with maximalistic highly dynamic sci-fi metal telling a story of epic proportions in the spirit of Battlestar Galactica or Mass Effect and are released on Supreme Chaos Records (www.scrmetal.de). All this with a lot of references to real world issues which we find necessary to be discussed.

How do you find your sound? Do you take a whole bunch of influences and mix them together to make it your brew?
-Not intentionally. Of course, it is futile to deny the influence music we hear has on our songwriting, but we are not choosing our influences on purpose. It’s more like we are just starting to write music and see where it leads us.

Does it become easier with time to write songs or is it a much more difficult process in that you don’t want to repeat what you’ve already done?
-It gets harder indeed. But for me it’s less the fear of repitition but the higher expectations i have for my songwriting. I actually like bands that tend to repeat themselves but still can amaze with every output. Best example would be Summoning, or Gojira. I envy Bands that find a formula that works, stick to it and still fail to be boring.

What would you say is a great album cover? What does it have to contain for it to be great? I love the really big, colourful ones from the LP days. The ones you could sit for hours looking at discovering new details.
-I don´t really have a preference on that matter. It all depends on the whole package. I like those mentioned covers too, but i find simple covers with just a strong logo or stylized graphic equally appealing. It just has to fit with the concept of the music. When there is no connection to the musical and lyrical contents the cover is bad.

What are your feelings on the latest album?
-I love it. I keep listening to it over and over. Nothing more to say. It’s not perfect…well, to be honest for me it’s perfect. But i know we still can do better. That’s a comforting position.

How has the internet changed the feeling of community in being a local band playing local shows? Does it still feel that you are a product of your surrounding area?
-Yes, somehow. We have a strong community of musicians around playing in a lot of bands with a lot of “cross-employment” or band bitching or whatever you call it. And the local shows tend to be a lot like playing in your living room. I tend to play local shows without corpse paint in my black metal days because it felt kinda ridiculous in front of people i know since childhood. It is much more personal, which on the other hands means you can enact your stage persona much better on roadgigs. Both is great fun. I like.

What ways has been the best for you in order to promote the band? What do you do to reach as many interested as possible?
-We are still sorting that out. We try to reach out in every direction. We use social media to some extent, we are sampling the print press and we will hopefully play a lot of gigs.

How do you best utilize the interest you get on social media to actually have it mean something in real life?
-That’s a tough one. I guess the best thing you can do is let that what you promise in the virtual world be followed by actions in the real world. Make people interact physically with the band. No, not what you think of right now.

What lies in the future?
-I really don´t know. All the best I hope. For us all.

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