Looking for cool metal. Look no further than WANDERER. Another band from eastern Europe that proves to be slightly off center. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

Is a wanderer a common character in your folklore? Why the choice of band name?
Mysterion: I think there are no such characters in our national folklore. But if we move to nowadays, all people involved in similar creativity can be called wanderers as they travel across the Universe of different realities, trying to learn its’ laws, though generally accepted reality reproaches them jealously.
Dragonheart: well, if talking about the Wanderer project’s folklore, Wanderer is a collective image, the personification of the learning and research processes. Here Wanderer is a character who commits the same time step in and step out, plunging into the abyss, to come up there with a handful of supernovae.

What should we call your music? Is it pagan, folk, heathen, Viking or what else metal?
Mysterion: Our music has grown on the basis of Black metal. However, do not judge this genre flatly. It’s a multifaceted crystal formed by the intersection of music, philosophy, sense of harmony with nature and at the same time, hard and active rejection of the ordinary routine and the non-spiritual standards morality. So I think our genre is Black metal. There are no compromises and there cannot be any compromises. I was growing up with this subculture and now suppose it not only the way of life, but also the essence of being. Some actions of this culture idols are immortalized in history, and I’m proud of it.
Dragonheart: Black metal is not only a stylistic definition of music or a set of sound characteristics (though such characteristics occurs too), but firstly it is an ideology, a certain perception and desire, it is certain atmosphere and certain mood, it is extraterrestrial in familiar, which makes familiar more sublime.

What does it mean to come from a part of the World that very few have any sort of knowledge about? How much misconception do you encounter?
Mysterion: Well, people do not know now, they will know later. On the other hand, it’s even pleasantly: it causes associations with something dark, waiting for its time, something growing up and concealing some secret knowledge. Therefore, if there is a misunderstanding, then we exist in order to dispel it and show the world the individual approach to the realization at the confluence of logic, intuition, and creativity.
Dragonheart: I’m willing to concede, that it’s possible not to know about Ukraine, but it’s really strange not to know about Kievan Rus. Slavic folk tales, Carpathian legends – the whole epic is sufficiently known to those who are interested in it. Misunderstanding? For example, it was very interesting for me to listen to the Indian Black metal, or Doom-metal from Chile for the first time. Today, many of the genres and bands exhausted themselves because all unusual automatically triggers interest, but it stops being unusual one day.

How much do the history and the folklore affect the way you create music and write lyrics?
Mysterion: In fact, this is a complicated issue, ‘cause the common history and information about folklore are very different from the true knowledge. Certain forces are interested in juggling historical facts. If you’d like to know, who or what are those certain forces, the answer you are likely to find the second album of WANDERER, on which we are working right now. So answering the question I would say these concepts, of course, occupy a worthy place in our creative work, even have a priority. They help us to create the quintessential of inspiration along with the intuitive understanding of universal laws and exploring the places of Power and then express it with out music.

I sometime get a feeling that in modern life weave lost touch with the history. How do you embrace the history without forsaking progress?
Dragonheart: Progress… What do you mean by that diverse word? It can be termed as a totality of scientific and technological achievements as well as modern society, which is more like a terrarium or a farm, which produces citizens. There are no natural enemies for humans: all of them are tamed long ago. There’s a schedule for buses, some dogmatic norms about the good and the evil, the whole life is predetermined and the death is inevitable. That’s not the progress for me. The Progress begins inside, it’s an internal process, so no progress inside means a mess outside. Nowadays there’s a great progress in technology, but the same regression in human development. I suppose the wrong progress direction is the reason for such situation. Entire technological process is designed to facilitate and automate our life. The roar of the cities drowns the Earth’s moan. The potential concrete ruins lies heavy on the Earth. It’s difficult to find the silence here. But it’s inside us.

What part does nature play in inspiring you? What kind of nature do we talk about?
Mysterion: Nature is a material world of the Universe. It’s an official definition. But I suppose the nature not only material, but an energy world also. That’s why everything is Nature. But sometimes people show their narrow-mindedness and do not sense the nature around. The civilization for them is a stagnant cocoon, in which the whole Universe is wrapped up. Everything is an object of consumption, including Nature itself. I’m inspired but everything out of this cocoon: forests and steppes, seas and oceans, etc. Moreover, the Nature does not inspire, the Nature itself is an inspiration. The further you are from civilization the better you feel the unity with eternity and the universal noosphere. Our current civilization was created on the monotheistic religions basis, which were aimed to ruin the true spirituality peculiar to a real human being. We can observe it on the example of more technically and spiritually powerful civilizations previous to ours. The loss of contacts with out sources and nature leads to the full degradation and the humanity falls into religious-political insanity and only contributes to its collapse. It is inevitable and will happen soon, on the day of the winter solstice, beginning with a change of the Earth axis precession.

How hard is it to be a band and get the music out to those interested? How do you find the right kind of people to trust?
Dragonheart: We’re not the band, you know – it’s very hard to play live on the stage. WANDERER is rather a project. In 2005, we had a session team and gave concerts, but nevertheless we like to write more than to speak. The difficulty to be a band usually depends on the music you write, and the extent of its ideological component. If the professionalism percentage of performance to ideology is 90% to 10%, then working in a team is OK: you have a common interest and a minimum of controversy. If there is at least 40% of the emphasis on ideology (I don’t mean the technique have to suffer for it, but, alas, it is a statistic for most groups) – a common language is harder to find and even harder is to keep the harmony. It is human nature … no, the human simply must change and change constantly, growing, making mistakes and conclusions on their basis. And when the ways separates, the group ceases to be productive. The album was produced not “for someone who is interested in it,” but in spite of everything.

Is it hard to find places to record in? How do you find people that can take your vision and take it a step further?
Dragonheart: The situation is ambiguous. I’ve seen it from both sides. On the one hand, the musicians often forget that the recording and mastering are done by a professional who can estimate the sound you get at the end of the day. So command to the professional is not quite correct. On the other hand, returning to the subject of the “invisible component”, there’s an object for the musician to find a common “wave” with the sound man and transfer him the impulse, which includes all livin’ in the author’s heart. If you cannot transfer this impulse, you’ll get the high-quality recording with that “invisible component” and the soul of music eliminated. Wanderer is not a commercial project. So we have neither producer or sponsor, nor the budget to record in major studios. We spent many years to organize our own small home studio, and use it for recording.

When you are in a band do you feel that you are a part of something greater?
Dragonheart: Yes, of course! When a team is coherent, every its participant is not only part of the whole, but also takes on the full potential of the hole (at the moment when the coherence longs). Teamwork is perfect! That’s why a good team with the interests coincide is such a rarity.

What future is there for Wanderer?
Well, the nearest future is a new album. The further future is unknown. The current is granted.

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