Even back in the days of the cold war Poland had some great metal acts like Turbo or Imperator. And to this day they still produce plenty of cool acts. Like WARBELL. ©2016

What is it that fascinates you into coming up with new songs and albums?
-Everything around us and inside us is an inspiration. Music is like a mirror for our souls, you can see in our music happiness, sadness, pain, anger…
Sometimes we inspire each other, for example sketch for Havoc’s chorus was made by Piotr, and he didn’t have an idea for the rest of the song. But this theme was a huge inspiration for Paweł, so he was the one who finished the song.

How is this new recording different from the previous? How do you take your sound one step further?
-“Battle of Unnumbered Tears” (2009) was the first album, it was our first steps. To be honest, quality was awful, so we re-recorded it in 2013 just to make some preparations before recording new songs. Meanwhile, we have improved our skills, gained more experience and found stable line-up, so the new album, “Havoc”, recorded this year is much better than “BOUT” in every way.

When you write songs about the topics you do what kind of reactions do you get?
-Firstly, growl isn’t a vocal technique which allows clear understanding of words. Secondly, all lyrics are written in English, so it is another problem with hearing what we want to deliver in our songs. What’s more, “Battle of Unnumbered Tears” didn’t have a lyrics book attached and spreading “Havoc” is in progress. But there are few people who asked us about lyrics and they think that the lyrics are about the most important matters of our world.

Whenever I think of you I cannot help wandering off to different bands. What bands do you indentify with?
-We don’t want to copy other bands, we simply play our stuff. But of course, you can hear some influences from some great bands like In Flames, Arch Enemy, Lamb Of God, At The Gates, Amon Amarth and many more.

How did you go about choosing art work for this new album? What was important to have in it?
-It was really hard to find a proper art work for our album. We didn’t have an idea for this, but it had to be special and related to our songs. After a really long time, we found a cover art from polish designer named Nagrobek Art. It shows the Death on the throne, and it’s watching a Tree Of Life that grows from the dead bodies. It’s an allegory of war – from the beginning of time people fight each other, and they build their power on the bodies of their enemies. But the only winner of war is always Death.

What kind of topics do each song deal with? Is there a red thread to the songs?
-The main topic of our songs is war. And war, as we all know it, has many faces. Fight with our past or our deeply hidden subconscious is also a war.

How do you come up with song titles? What do they have to have to fit the songs?
-Song titles are subjective choices of authors. Sometimes it is a one word which contains meaning of the song, sometimes it’s just a word picked up from the song.
Music can tell a story without words, so our instrumentals are about mythology like „Baldur’s Tears”, video-games related like „Nerevar Rising”, or „Forgotten Tale” that reminds us a fairy tales from childhood. „The New Beggining” is intro of „HAVOC”, and our first longplay album is definitely a new beginning for our band. But of course, it’s only up to you what you feel in these songs.

Is digital a format that fits your music? Is digital killing music?
-It doesn’t matter for us. If music is good it will be good, no matter if it’s digital or analog.
Digital era has changed music industry, but it didn’t kill music. People want to have music everywhere, that’s why walkmans/discmans were invented, and since there is a possibility to have your favourite bands on small music players or cell phones, there is no turning back. Anyway, we don’t think that analog devices will die anytime soon, there are still a lot of people buying CDs and vinyls.

How much of a live band are you? How important is playing live?
-We love playing live! We have more than 40 gigs on counter and it’s still growing. It’s awesome to see people enjoying our music, we also have some devoted fans. Live shows gives us energy and motivation to work harder on our musicianship and compositions.

What lies in the future?
-We need to reach out as many people as we can, so definitely a lot of gigs. When we will cooldown a bit after releasing “HAVOC”, we will start to work on some new songs (well, some sketches are already done).

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