WARFECT came to me from nowhere with their last album but impressed me so much. Now that they have a new album out I wanted to know more about it. Anders Ekdahl ©2016

Let us start with the new album. What are your feelings on this one?
-It feels great! Since our second album, Exoneration Denied, we’ve really found our sound and Scavengers is a follow-up in the same vein. The album was released mid May and the response has been awesome so far.

I recently saw Exodus live and it dawned on me that I had been following them for 30 bloody years. And thrash still sounded just as cool today as it did back then. How much did you as a thrash band look to the past when you decided on what style of thrash you were going to play?
-Our music is a mixture of music we listen to and we listen to a lot of thrash from the 80s and early 90s. This of course reflects on the music we write but our style more or less turned out this way without looking to sound a specific way.

When you release a new album how much do you look back on the old one? I understand that you have a sound that you keep but how do you know if you have surpassed the previous album or if it is just a continuation, song wise?
-I guess that depends on the previous album. This time we wanted to make a follow-up that sounded a little more dynamic but still old-school but with a contemporary touch. If we think the songs are good we go for it and don’t think that much about surpassing a previous album. We evolve as musicians which hopefully makes us write even better music for every album we record. We think Scavengers is a better album even though we still like Exoneration Denied.

We live in an age where people buy their music digital. Some argue that the cover art work is soon a thing of the past. I, being old school, still argue that the art work is what draws your attention to a band’s music. What is your opinion?
-I’m old-school myself and think the cover artwork is really important. In Sweden there’s not many music stores left where you can browse through albums like back in the day but in other parts of the world that’s still how you find new bands and music, luckily. Even so, albums need cover artwork and when putting together an album we think a lot about song order, composition and experience. Downloading single songs is really not something I promote.

To me there are certain lyrical themes that fit different styles of metal better than others. Like black metal lyrics being cold and satanic, death metal lyrics being violent and gory. To me the more social oriented lyrics are best suited for thrash. Am I totally off in thinking so? How important are lyrics to you?
-I think lyrics are really important and yes, social and political lyrics suits thrash metal really well. I myself write about those things among others.

I have no idea what it is like outside of Sweden but I get the impression when I’m out watching bands live that there is a tendency to not support the lesser known bands. People come when a band gets hyped. What kind of experience do you have?
-Yeah, it’s really hard to cut through the huge amount of music that is released and many people don’t really look for new bands but rather go for what the critics say to make a shortcut. If you’re lesser known you’re flying under the radar so to speak. We’re working really hard to make an impression and are trying to stand out of the crowd. Hopefully people will notice us.

Does being a Swedish band automatically mean that people say “Swedish band – high quality”. How do you as a band notice the reverence Swedish music has outside of Sweden?
-Maybe people think that way but they also know there’s a lot of competition since we have so many high quality bands. I think people have very high regards to the Swedish metal scene.

If you look back at the series of album you’ve released so far and think back to that very first album, does the line follow the path you intended when that first album was released?
-No, not at all. We were still searching for our own identity when releasing our first album. With Exoneration Denied we really found home and in that vein we now continue. I think people will recognise our sound when they listen to Scavengers.

Playing in a band might not be the most glamorous at all times. What has been the high light and down point so far in your career?
-We actually haven’t had that much ups and downs. Getting a record deal was sweet. Sleeping at a homeless squat during a tour was not that fun. Touring, meeting great people and playing at great places is always fun.

Where will the future take you?
-Hopefully we can grow our fan base and reach more metal heads, play bigger stages together with the big ones and continue doing what we do. Buy our stuff so that we can continue making music!

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