I love old school looking album covers and the one to WARFECT’s latest album is about as old school as it gets. Anders Ekdahl c2013

How important is the band name in presenting the intent of your musical explorations?
-Hello, Kristian from WARFECT here! Well, I think it’s quite important. You want a name that reflects your music and hasn’t been used before. People should be able to guess what genre the name represents just by looking at the name and the logo.

You play thrash in a classic way. How much thought has gone into finding the right kind of sound and how much has been pure gut feeling?
-I would say our sound has evolved over the years and that we’ve finally found a sound we really like. It takes time and unless all members of the band think alike you might struggle finding it. We feel that EXONERATION DENIED really showcase our energy and the future of the band.

What era of the thrash metal age do you feel has been the greatest and why?
-Personally I like thrash from all periods but I think everyone in the band is a big fan of thrash from the late eighties to early nineties and we get a lot of inspiration from that era. At that time thrash was raw and made a good compliment to the cross-over thrash that was going on.

How important is it that the art work looks the right way? Do you have any fave artists from the 80s when art work really stood out?
-I think the artwork plays a crucial part of an album. More so back in the day than nowadays unfortunately, due to the digital era. When you first got an LP that you’ve wanted for some time you sat down, listed to the album from the first track to the last while studying the cover artwork in detail. It was good times and the young people of today don’t even know what it was like. Ed Repka and Dan Seagrave are great.

When you land yourself a record deal how much work does you still have to do to promote the band?
-The band always needs to promote itself as much as possible, with or without the backing of a label. Usually the label has more funds to do so but it lies in the band’s interest to reach as many people as possible and it takes a lot of work.

How pleased are you with your latest recorded work? Did it meet the expectations you had on it?
-We are very happy with the outcome and so seems the press! Yeah, it turned as we wanted. One reason is of course that we did almost everything ourselves and no-one but the band was involved during the recording process.

When you are to record how do you know that the producer you’ve picked is the one to get you the sound you want? What do you do if your vision for the sound doesn’t match the producer’s?
-That’s the main reason we produced the album ourselves. That way we could do as we pleased and no-one was telling us what to do or not to do. Many bands hold on to one producer over several albums because then you know what you get.

What ways are there to promote the album now that it is out? How do you intend to get the most out of it before you start thinking about the next one?
-We’ve already started making songs for the next album! Social media such as Facebook has become very powerful when it comes to promotion. Touring is really important. We have just shot our first music video which premiers online shortly and this is something we’ve wanted to do for some time. I think music videos are important because people want to see what they get. Personally when I check out a new band the first thing I look for is videos.

Is playing live a great way of spreading the word of the band?
-Nowadays I think that’s the number one way to reach new fans and getting the band on the map. It’s the best way to be seen by people that’s never heard of you and where you get to meet them, sell merchandise and spread the unholy word.

What lies in the imminent future?
-We’ll try to get out on the road in support of our album. We’re currently looking for a booking agency to help us delivering thrash metal to the masses! Buy our albums, be sure to check out the video when it’s released and keep supporting the thrash metal scene!

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