There was once a German band named Battlefield but that was a time ago and they have nothing to do with WARFIELD, apart from a similar in theme kinda band name. Anders Ekdahl ©2016

As you might not be that known to most people a short introduction might be in order.
„We’re Warfield from the South West of Germany and we’re playing Teutonic Thrash in the old school way. Since two band members left we are acting as a three piece with a session bassist from another band called Nekkromaniac. We were thrashing the local scene the last couple years and since our latest release „Barrage Fire” we’re aiming to play even more shows in the whole country. Since 2013 we have one demo tape out called „Call To War“ and we’re looking forward to release our first full length record in 2016 or 2017. Check us out on YouTube, you will find some fast stuff from us.”

How does your latest recording compare to the previous ones?
„The first recording was produced by a local friend of us in a home recording kind of way. The sound result is sobering but we’re 100 % behind the songs we put on that tape and I hope that the people don’t pay too much attention to the recording quality but the music that is kind of hiding behind that. I also think we proved our prowess with Barrage Fire. The sound is much more stable now and a good step to improve it on the next record.”

Was it hard for you to come up with a sound you all could agree on?
„I think we’re all happy with the Barrage Fire sound considering the possibilities we had. We recorded it in a small studio in Saarbrücken and therefore the drum sound is fucking killer! I personally would not change it for the upcoming album but as the guitarist I will work on my sound to figure out a more forceful sound.”

How important are the lyrics to you? What kind of topics do you deal with?
„The lyrics have become more and more important to us over the last two years, especially for me, because I write all of them. I tried to remove a little bit from the raw war scene documentary thing I did the first years to put in more social critic. I would be happy if I could encourage some of our fans to think about the whole war thing. It would be a huge success for me personally if the fans even share our point of view.”

How important is the cover art work for you? How much do you decide in choosing art work?
„All of our graphic and artwork stuff is self-produced. I work in an advertising agency, so I’m very into it. The good thing is that we can save the money because that art shit is very expensive for students and pupils like us. But we might hire a professional graphic artist for the upcoming album, because in general the visual effect is the first step to buy an album or get into the music if you don’t know the band.”

Where outside of your country have you had success with your previous albums?
„We had a couple of orders from Poland and Canada. There are also some people in the states that recommended our stuff. It’s very important to have these people all over the world checking out the newest stuff from the underground I think, because in general those are the people which lead the bands to success. Not the followers which proclaiming to be the biggest fans after they discovered the bands with their third album…”

Why is it that we do not see more metal bands from your country making it big internationally?
„Haha! You’re confusing something. Germany had tons of good metal bands made it international. But I’m much honored you count us as one of those ;-). That’s definitely something that bypassed us until now…”

What is your local metal scene like? What status does your band have in the national metal scene?
„Our local metal scene is dark, national status of us is well-known. A lot of people know who Warfield is and support us at our local metal gigs!”

What is the general populations opinion on metal? Is being a metal musician a respectable choice?
„I would like to mention a quote from Sid Vicious at that point: „Well you know, I don’t really give a fuck what the general public thinks.“ Being a metal musician is a respectable choice, but only in the metal scene. I really appreciate the (most) metal musicians and the people appreciate us. But I don’t receive credits from the general population and I don’t want it!”

What does the future hold for you?
„I hope the future will hold more experiences whether they are good or bad, because you learn from the bad ones and live from the good ones. Meeting new people and playing new places is like an addiction for us and if you get compliments and stuff for just doing what you like it’s just great!”

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