WHITE MANTIS are new to most I guess. So read this interview to find out more before you check them out. Questions answered by Andre Krimbacher (guitar). ©2015 Anders Ekdahl

How and where did you record your demo cd?
-We took the production of our first demo completely into our own hands. From recording and mixing to the painting of the cover, everything was done by members of the band. This worked very well for us and we might continue with this way of working for the production of our first full-length release.

Do you have a concept when it comes to lyrics and art work for example?
-The mantis in our name also works as a loose concept. In a maybe not so far future it serves as a totem animal and symbol for the ultimate destruction of society. Many of our lyrics take place in this post-apocalyptic world, which serves either as a setting for fictional stories or as an allegory to convey sociopolitical messages.

Do you feel like you are a part of a greater community because you play in a metal band?
-Yeah, I certainly do. It’s great to get in contact with other bands and to meet people at concerts with whom you share a passion. The scene here in southern Germany is not exactly big but we’ve met and even played with people from as far away as South America. It’s great to see how music connects people from all over the world and being a part of that, no matter how big or in our case small, feels really rewarding.

When you have found a sound how hard/easy is it to come up with songs that fit into the sound?
-For us it is not very hard at all. The course of the band was set to Thrash Metal very early and from that point onwards our sound evolved very naturally. It’s what we like to hear and play anyway, so there has not been any struggle to come up with new ideas so far.

What influences/inspires you today?
-In terms of music there’s just too much to name here. For the lyrics the major inspiration comes from the world around us. This can mean social phenomena or also personal experiences. Besides these serious issues there’s always time for the occasional tongue-in-cheek post-apocalyptic madness song, of course. For that, movies like the Mad Max trilogy are a great source of inspiration.

We hear about what state the record industry is in. Then we hear that cd sales are increasing. As a band do you notice the state the industry is in?
-I don’t know if CD sales are increasing. Last thing I heard they were stagnating on a low level. However, you don’t join a Thrash Metal band for the money (or for the women, for that matter), anyway. With a band like White Mantis you rather lose money, but that’s okay. We love playing and if we get positive reactions at our shows it’s definitely worth it.

What is your opinion on digital versus physical?
-Listening to music digitally does have its advantages, of course. It’s nice to be able to take almost your whole collection with you on an mp3-player wherever you go. When I am at home, however, I prefer taking my time, listening to CDs or – even better – vinyl. I just love the whole package including artwork etc. In my opinion all the possibilities we have today have trivialized music to some extent. The amount of songs you can simply download within minutes has become infinite and in many cases that means that people don’t take their time to really get to know certain albums anymore.

What lies in the future?
-Right now we are in the process of writing new songs that will be featured on our first full-length album, which we plan to record and release in 2015. So stay tuned, there’s more of White Mantis to come.

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