WILT is Canadian black metal. Wide open spaces of plain nothingness surrounded by even more vast wilderness or not. Perhaps Canadian black metal is all about urban warfare. Read this interview and find out more. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

Is Canada a great place to play black metal?
-Canada is fantastic for black metal. Harsh climates, lots of open land and extreme bands. It really brings forth a visual experience to the music. Some fantastic black metal bands are home to our “Great White North”.

What in the sound of black metal was that caught your attention? How would you like to describe black metal?
Jordan: The sound in black metal that really grabbed my attention is the emotion backed by the ferocity of riffs and vocal style. Lately i have been listening to a lot of atmospheric stuff so it has been a really great journey into my mind. Black metal, to me is a journey throughout your body, unlocking emotions that may have been locked away or, medicate wounds that have been seemingly fresh.
Brett: What caught my attention was the intensity and emotion of the music. Black metal is cold, sorrowful, desolate and, bleak

Where do you draw inspiration from? What triggers your fancies?
Jordan: My inspiration is rooted from a lot of doom metal bands and atmospheric black metal… thought inspiration comes from anywhere it seems lately.. from the beginning of this project the main inspiration was doom/black metal for sure.
Brett: When writing Wilt’s music, I tend to draw a lot of inspiration from where I live, the natural landscapes and the beauty of nature.

What is the whole point of releasing an EP? Why not go for a full album?
-We started this project roughly around 2010 and it has been a while since fans heard anything as far as music from us. We really wanted to kick off the tail end of 2012 and the new year by introducing the metal world to true, deprived, cold, black metal.

To my ears black metal is extremely suitable for concepts. Is there a concept behind Wilt or the EP?
The overall concept of Wilt is to portray the extreme climate and the damages done to the world we live in. To feel the pain and anguish of nature through sorrowful music.

Being from Central Canada seems like a lonely place to come from. What kind of scene do we speak of in your area?
Jordan: As a promoter since 2006 and been across Canada I can safely say that our scene here in Winnipeg is so eclectic and massive. We have something like 50? bands just from our own hometown. It’s fantastic to see everyone feeling inspired to create a band.

How much does a band’s geographic location play a role in how its sound is shaped? Does it even matter?
Jordan: As mentioned above our sound is greatly molded by our geographical location. The barren winds of the prairies can be very very cold and bitter at times. So we try and craft music to say ‘this is where were from, here’s what it feels like’
Brett: I think it plays a great role in how the band sounds and I do believe it matters because it’s what makes the music genuine.

What is like to be a two piece? How do you divide the different shores between you?
Jordan: Being a two piece is fantastic, we don’t differ on ideas very often and when we do we come to a even compromise to make the material really shine. Collaboration is just so much easier. With me handling the lyrics and vocals Brett has free Reign to explore his mind to create essentially magic in the studio. With the next album that will be portrayed quite eloquently.
Brett: I love being in a two piece band. In the past I’ve often not been happy about my writing or the bands themselves due to having 4 or 5 different inputs. With two people I have the opportunity to create my vision.

How black metal is the social media? How do you use it the best way?
-Black metal in the social media is kind of a weird area. Facebook seems to be doing really well… but our bandcamp has been getting massive hits which is impressive.

What future do you see?
Basically the plan for the future is hopefully hit up a couple festivals, tours and one off shows. We intend to release a second full length sometime next year and hope to do a small tour in support of it.

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