In metal there seems to be a great fascination for winter. Why I don’t know but as long as we get bands like WINTERGARDEN out of it I for one won’t question why. ©2015 Anders Ekdahl

What is so fascinating about winter and snow that it is being used by everybody from heavy metal to black metal?
-Nature is so expressive and winter in particular has an ominous like intensity that in my opinion is quite suited to minor type music.

What was it that made you start WINTERGARDEN?
-The potential health benefits derived from making loud noise.

When you work with music for a living (in one way or another) what motivates you to do it in your spare time too?
-When you do something you love that line blurs.

From what I understand you start with recording the drums. They set the mood. How hard is it to hear the song from just playing the drums?
-We never start with the drums, always an instrumental melody, chord progression or riff.

From that the atmosphere is determined and the rest added accordingly.
-What kind of lyrical topics are you dealing with? How important are the lyrics? The message or overall lyric intent is important to us. Topics can range from personal experience to the grand design, and all in between.

Do you have an aesthetic that you follow from promo pics to clothes to art work etc.?
-In a way the music has a lot to say in guiding/inspiring the aesthetic.
We have no fixed or fast rule as to a specific image, it’s more about how best the current group of songs can be represented.

With an album to promote what is it that you hope to get out of releasing it?
-First and foremost the satisfaction of finishing and publishing an album is of itself it’s own reward and quite satisfying from an artist point of view.
Secondly, there is always the hope of finding more of your audience and building upon your previous work and accomplishments.

How important are social media in spreading the word of the band?
-I think the Internet and all it’s options are import in reaching people, the thing is how long will it remain so…

What is your opinion of digital verses physical?
-Both have their place…

Will there be a future?
-Yes, but it’s not what people will expect it to be.

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