WISHDOOM has got to be one of the better names I’ve seen in a while. This Greek band is metal. George “Samarithan G.” (guitars) answered my questions. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

The band name itself pretty much says it all but I still wonder what it is that is so great about the metal you play?
– Of course this was the point in the first place! To have a name that describes our music and thus I am happy to know that this is accomplished! Each fan for himself finds something special in a band and supports it. I cannot tell whether or not there is something great about the kind of metal we play… Perhaps the fact that we play from the heart gives us an extra credit, I don’t know.

With an album out does that make it easier to be taken seriously? What is the difference being a demo band and an album band?
– An album band has definitely a wider target group and it is much easier for the interested audience to discover the band. With an album out, you are somehow “upgraded” from the “amateur” to “pro” level.

Does being on a label no matter how small help promoting the band? How much time and effort do you put into the band?
– We don’t really find a point in being on a label just for being on one… We wanted a label that would connect us with the outworld and I believe MOMR was the proper label for our first release. I want the things to flow naturally in the band, which means to work seriously only on inspired ideas and not push things just to compose a song because we just have to. We don’t really have to! I prefer 2 deeply emotional and inspired songs than 10 composed in a rush. When we know that we have the right elements and ideas in our hands, we focus on composing, when we don’t, we focus on rehearsing to get the band even tighter together.

Something I always wonder is how do you know what you want as your cover art? Did you have a clear vision or did it come by chance?
– We definitely have had a clear vision on what we wanted about “Helepolis”! The idea behind the album title was very specific and so was the cover art. Helepolis was a Greek war siege machine invented by the Athenian mechanic Epimachus in 304 B.C. on behalf of King Demetrius of Macedonia (one of Alexander’s heirs to the throne of Macedonia). It was the ancestor of all siege machines of Roman and Medieval times. We gave all the information needed and after a historical research, Dimitar Nikolov created this masterpiece! Helepolis, the colours of Macedonian army, the Sarissae and the star of Vergina on the shields are some of the strictly historically represented details of the cover art!

How easy is it to find the right kind of people to work with in Greece? Has internet made it easier to find the right people to work with?
– People in Greece that are interested in metal music are very devoted, so there are a few guys out there that you can really work with. Of course internet made things easier on all the levels that a band can work or promote itself.

Greece has a long infatuation with heavy metal. Why is metal so big in Greece?
– As said before, metalheads are very devoted here. People come and go in metal scene through the ages, but the core of the fans is very devoted. If you ask me, the perspective of Heavy Metal that has to do with myths, history, battles etc., is very familiar to our culture/history/mythology. Through this perspective I personally understand Heavy Metal music and through it I compose and play… This probably happens with fans also.

Why do we see so few Greek bands making it big? There are tons of minor league bands that are simply brilliant but they don’t make it out to those potentially interested. Why is that?
– For many reasons, I would say… The main reason is that band members have their own jobs and families and this consumes lots of their time daily, which leads to the lack of free time so you cannot give yourself completely to a band (for example being on tour etc.). Another reason maybe is the money that you have to “invest” in your music. Recordings are very expensive, also the equipment you need as well as the artworks and a bunch of other stuff. This money is given by the band members and for sure you will not get it back. In addition to that, most of the concert organizers don’t even pay for basic stuff, like the band’s tickets for travelling or band’s accomodation and you have to pay all of these if you want to play in another town. So lack of money and time are the reasons in my opinion.

Nowadays everything centers on the bad economy. How does something like that affect being a band? Have you seen a decrease in interest for metal or has it been the other way around?
– Bad economy means no job (or, if you are lucky enough to have one, you have to work more hours and get paid less), which means no money and no free time, which means tons of problems, which means lack of free space on your mind to think about music… Nevertheless this could also work the other way around, for difficult situations and experiences could be a great source of inspiration..

Do you feel that there is a Greek metal scene that sticks together come hell or high water?
– Hmm… That’s a tough question, but I’ll be honest with you. As a part of Greek metal scene I sadly find out that the scene is not as united as it should be. There are “alliances” and “quarrels “ between the bands, which is insane because bands have totally nothing to separate over. This is very sad because everyone can feel it but no one admits it and no one does anything about it.

What plans for the future of Wishdoom do you have?
– Wishdoom will continue to exist as long as the members share the same passion to play and compose good Epic Heavy Metal music. If a band doesn’t have these two elements, it should immediately quit. We have plans for a second studio album, but with no rush and when we feel the time is right. Till then we are really interested in playing live whenever possible ’cause this keeps the band in good shape and believe me, there is nothing more beautiful than playing live for people that like your music..

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