I wish I could say that I know everything about WITHIN SILENCE. But truth be told this lot are new to me. Hence the interview. ©2015 Anders Ekdahl

How hard was it to come up with a band name and how does the name fit the music?
-It takes some time while we came up with our band name but we are satisfied with it.
Within Silence fits to our music because it sounds epic and fresh.
We can say that “within silence” we can find the true and wisdom…

As I am new to your band perhaps a short introduction might be in order?
-The band was founded by lead vocalist Martin Klein and me, solo guitarist Richard Germanus.
Our band was operating more as a project during the first years. We improved our musician
skills and composed our songs. During 2012 we recorded single which helped us to get the word out.
Our line-up was completed in 2013 and we started to play live shows. Our band was now regular band. We finished recordings of our debut album “Gallery of Life” at the end of 2014. Early 2015 we signed with the Swedish label Ulterium Records.

As I am no musician I have no idea how it works, but how do you make your own music based on what influences you? What parts do you pick?
-Songs in our band are written by Martin Klein and me. Usually Martin writes rough structure of song with all vocal melodies, sometimes guitar riffs and
drum parts too… and then we complete it together. But it´s different and depends on the current track. All the music which we listen influences us,
not only metal genre…

When you are in a band does it feel like you are a part of a worldwide movement?
-Hmm… We feel like a part of Ulterium Records worldwide family since we signed with them. It´s a short time but we
feel strong support from our producer Emil Westerdahl and from fans of Ulterium Records.

How important is it that you look the part in promo shots and stuff? How important is the graphic side of the band?
-These mentioned things are really important. At the first place must be music of course but only connection of good music
with nice graphic design and band image can make original entity.

What would you say influences your lyrics? How important are they?
-Everything what happens arround us all over the world and in our lifes. Lyrics are very important in our music. We want to share positive message by our music.

Is the album as relevant today as it was in the 70s and 80s? Is digital killing the album?
-I think it´s still relevant to have an album in the physical version because there are still fans
who wants it. But this topic is complicated and we could talk about it for long time…

Where will the future of format end – digital verses physical verses whatever?
-I hope the age of physical formats will never dies … 🙂

How much of a touring entity are you guys? What is a live experience with you like?
-We shared the stage with bands like Theocracy, Dark Moor, Blaze Bayley and more.
It was fun and we have useful experiences from these gigs.

What lies in the future?
-More music from our band… 😉

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