Without Impaled Nazarene we would not have been able to enjoy WÖMIT ANGEL. So a huge thanks to I.N for existing. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

How hard is it to come up with a band name that fits the music you play?
-Originally the band’s name was supposed to be Lerva Enkeli which is Finnish for Vomit Angel. Musical style was crustpunk but when the current musicians came together, Wömit Angel was created and style found its present form. So the name came up by accident and we’re too lazy to change it. We added ö dots because of Motörhead and the W just for the kicks.

How much has the Finnish extreme metal scene meant to the sound of the band and how much has the South American scene of the 80s meant?
We really enjoy the 90’s Finnish black metal sound as with the crustpunk elements of e.g. Terveet Kädet. Not too much engineering behind the sound serves us well. When it comes to 80’s South American we all share our interest in old Sepultura. (surprise)

What would you say has been the most important bands in shaping the sound of the band?
-Wömit Angel exists only because of the Finnish band Impaled Nazarene. It has a huge influence for all the members and we wanted to show our homage to them. (I think this also answers to question no. 2)

Where do you see WÖMIT ANGEL fit in today’s extreme metal scene?
We deliver our music in somewhat raw and impulsive form. What we mean by this is that we do not want to use “studio magic” or compromise too much. Music and songs need to come honestly from the depths of our twisted minds! We do not do things etc. genre wise. We’re here to play our sado-black metal and we play it fucking loud!

Do you have any explanation as to why there are so many bands in Finland? Is life so boring in Finland that you have to start a band to have something to do?
-I guess we have two options in Finland. To be an unemployed drunk or to be an unemployed drunk in a band (laughter). Seriously, we scandinavians just happen to have a thing for extreme music. Don’t know if it has something to do with the melancholic climate but it definitely has something to do with our alcohol consumption as a nation (laughter).

Does it matter where in the world your label is located? Is it easier dealing with a Finnish label?
-We chose to go along with Inverse Records because they had an offer that fitted our plans. Otherwise I don’t think label’s location matters that much in this era of the Internet.

How important is it to take a stand against Christianity? How does the lyrics fit the music?
-Finland was among the last European countries to turn into Christianity. Finnish pagan legacy stands strong in our otherwise hypocritical nation. I personally found Christianity as submitting yourself to a Higher entity and thus unevolving yourself as a human being. I believe in the Setian way when it comes to developing yourself, your physique, your mind and your “idea”. In lyrics I often like to express the ugliness of man. To quote George Carlin (RIP) When it comes to comparison of rat and man: A Rat can do a pretty disgusting things but it will NEVER fuck another dead Rat. Got my point? (laughter)

How important is the art work and what role does it play?
-By this you mean our cover artwork? It went more beautifully than we expected. I think it really stands for the record as well as in the CD store shelves. Music counts but it’s always nice to have good looking covers.

Do you follow a certain aesthetic in the way you dress for the band? What does the band mean to you?
-We enjoy expressing ourselves and if you can smear some excrements on Jesus Christ’s face while doing it, why the fuck not!

What future do you see?
-The narrow path that we ride is covered with blasphemy and filth. Go figure it out and see us LIVE!

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