WORMHOLE came as a surprise to me. With little expectations I was blown away by what I heard. Perhaps one of my favourite metal experiences of 2012. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

With a name like Wormhole and an album title like “The String Theory” I kinda expected some sort of spaced out math metal http://battlehelm.com/wp-admin/profile.phpexplosion. How much of science nerds are you guys?
Wormhole: Not so much. We would say that the band members have always shared a blend of passion for science fiction and love for the scientific research field. A blend which also stands as a never ending search within our inner side. In some way, both our monicker and the album title are the result of a ceremony of opposites, a link between the two main lyric topics of the album, but also between our diverse musical influences. For what it may concern the relationship between Wormhole and science, our approaches differ a bit: some of us bring dreamlike and visionary elements in composition, while the others keep a down-to-earth attitude, which is our best way to shape things in their ultimate form.

How hard is it to come up with a concept for your band that hasn’t already been done? How hard is it to be original?
Wormhole: First, we are not sure that the Inner/Cosmic concept dwelling in “The String Theory” has not been inquired yet. We could quote Voivod as an influence for the choice of two sides for a single direction towards both universal and inner knowledge, especially because the Canadians rewrote the progressive approach of the Seventies within a spaced out electric (and eclectic) soundscape. We could also quote a bunch of literature and musical influences that have contributed to build up what we love to label as our “post-dark” sound, a personal approach to gloomy riffs and vocals with a lot of “post” and wave arrangements. Originality is among our primary aims, still to be pursued in our future efforts.

When you write with a cohesive theme as you guys do on “The String Theory” how hard is it to tie together all songs to make for one unit?
Wormhole: We must say that all the songs of the album don’t tell a story in the true sense of the word. They are rather related to two main themes: a trip inside one’s innermost feelings and a trip through the universe (or, if you prefer, the multiverse). Since those are our favorite themes, we didn’t find it hard to write with that aim in mind. Later on, we linked the songs together so they could stand as a sequence of episodes. The last song, which was also the last one to be written and recorded, came full circle. It was divided in two parts telling the story of the album itself.

How does the String Theory fit in with the concept of the album? Do you believe that the different shapes of life resonate at different intervals?
Wormhole: The String Theory is the heart of the album simply because its mathematical model allows for the existence of a stable wormhole that could be used for space/time trips. Without such theory, the classical physics could only admit unstable wormholes and thus unusable. If you translate this concept into a metaphor you’ll find the reason why the trip is the Freudian “fil rouge” of the entire album.

You seem to have had a set mind that the band should be fronted by a woman. How hard was/is it to keep this idea alive when you face line-up changes?
Wormhole: Well, it wasn’t that difficult even when our former singer left the band. In fact, in 2006 our music slowly started to sound heavier and the choice for a different vocal style seemed to be the best one to underline our new direction. If you listen to our old songs you’ll find that our style has always evolved and changed during all these years. Music is at the centre of the band, not people.

Do you have an image that you like to follow through on too? Do you want the band to look a certain way?
Wormhole: Definitely no. We don’t want to look like goth or metal people do. We don’t care about fashion. We just want to use music as a means of expression and purification.

With a title like “The String Theory” how do you translate that to an image you can use as a cover?
Wormhole: The string theory aspires to become a “theory of everything”, that is a model that connects all known physical phenomena. The idea of “connection” lies behind our lyrics, so we translated this concept into the cover of our last album. Every item you can find in the artwork is a reference to one of the songs contained in the album or to a song from our previous work: a crow, a broken watch, a doll, some leaves, the girl at the window and so on.

When you have a band as successful as Lacuna Coil are world-wide how much expectations are there on you to do the same journey, all other comparisons apart?
Wormhole: Lacuna Coil are the big thing now, and when a group of musicians reaches such popularity though being born in Italy, they deserve unconditioned respect, apart from our personal appreciation of their music. When we started this band, we didn’t have any intention to imitate or resemble anything coming from the female fronted metal scene. It was just that we had had complete different (and male fronted) musical experiences, and we wanted to try this way for a new project. We didn’t even have the intention to play “metal”, “punk” or “dark”, but only to follow our inspiration out of any labelling boundary. In other words, Lacuna Coil never influenced us, but it could be very interesting to share a bit of their popularity!

When one national metal band makes it abroad how much of an inspiration does that become for others to also make it big?
Wormhole: We have always tried to keep our feet on the ground. The only reason why someone like Lacuna Coil made it abroad is because they had a wide perspective, out of the narrow boundaries of our country, which sometimes can make it very difficult to be appreciated for what you are, believe us. However, this represents a good example of professional approach and attitude to the musical thing, something very difficult to find in Italy.

What lies at the feet of Wormhole for 2012?
Wormhole: We hope to promote “The String Theory” with a small tour, and we especially hope to reach as many people as we can with our musical proposal. Contact us, listen to our Reverbnation uploads and, above all, get a copy of “The String Theory”! Last but not least, thanks to the Battle Helm staff for this opportunity!

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