And while WULFSHON might come from Argentina they still have something to tell to our frozen hearts here in the north of the World. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

I don’t get to hear of too many metal bands from Argentina. How hard is it to break out of Argentina and into an international scene?
– In Argentina there are many bands that have the level to project out, but not all have the means or the interest to do so. In our case, we have decided it from the beginning and we the will to do it by our own means.

When you play folk/pagan metal in a country that was largely populated by immigrants what folklore do you draw inspiration from?
-In our music we have some folk inspiration, which is actually very subtle, but basically is inspired by the folk of the Nordic culture.

I have to admit that I have a hard time figuring out what folk/pagan/Viking metal is as it all sounds the same to me. What is your definition of what you play?
– We believe that what we do is black / death metal inspired by the pagan mythology and cosmic stuff.

What is the hardest part being a metal band in Argentina? How tough is it to reach out to those who might be interested in the band?
– Get places to play is the hardest part because if we do on our own, there will be spending much money for someone else to do it for us. And in the other hand, organizers who bring out international bands, support underground bands according to what they can afford (it`s all about the money you can pay).Then listeners come to us due to our good reputation as a band, the spread and impact we have had in these last years and our striking live shows ha ha!

Does having an album out help convincing people that you deserve their attention?
– Having an album is essential, as is the physical manifestation of our art.

I have very little knowledge of the Argentine metal scene. What kind of scene is there?
– The argentine scene covers almost all genres, but what else is “fashionable” now is the post-melodic-death metal. The rest is all under, but there are excellent death metal bands such as Prion, Bloodfiend , Amoklauf, Eternal Grave among others.

How much of a DIY-ethic do you have to apply to get things done?
– We are basically an independent band, all from the beginning we have done on our own, and in this new stage, thanks to Art Gates Records, we are working on the distribution of our album worldwide.

I don’t get to hear too much of any Argentine music beside Tango. How well does metal fare in your country? Is it like in Finland where metal reaches the top of the charts?
– We are far from that! The metal scene is still underground in Argentina.

What kind of live scene is there in Argentina? Do you get to play with a lot of international bands?
– The live scene in Argentina is good, but to play with international bands you have to put a lot of money, which is not our main goal. Of course we would like to share stage with big bands, but not that way. We prefer to invest in optimizing our production as a band.

What future plans do you have?
– We are working on the pre-production of our new material and composing new songs to take our music to the world!

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