Do you like My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost and Anathema but feel that they’ve wandered too far off the trodden path. Look no futher than YOUR TOMORROW ALONE. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

What is it that is so great about the Bristish doom?n?gloom scene of the 90s with band?s like Anathema, Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride?
-The English Gothic doom scene of the 90’s was great. A key period for the birth of a musical style that would become labeled differently from what had been considered doom up until that moment. The bands you have indicated are to be considered musical pioneers , for being able to blend different musical influences, reinterpret them and create something new!

How does an Italian band end up sounding like an amalgamation of the above mentioned bands?
-We are all fans of the English scene of the 90’s and of the bands you have mentioned, so our sound primarily reflects their peculiar style, although it isn’t the typical sound of our homeland. On the other hand, we feel very influenced by other bands like Opeth or Katatonia, not to mention the Italian progressive rock scene of the seventies.

The album title “Ordinary Lives” is it meant as a critique of modern society? Why chose such a bland album title?
-Yes, the title chosen, “Ordinary Lives” is to be seen as a critique of modern society: precisely, it indicates the union that often intervenes between every day life and the lies in which each and everyone of us is forced to shelter in order to survive in a society that is becoming colder and more indifferent towards the small or big personal problems that afflict everyone.

Where did you draw inspiration from for the songs writing to the album?
-The inspiration comes from the every day life of all the members in the band. This album is to be considered as an entirety of various emotions, all source of inspiration for the band. From achievements to failures, from dreams to illusions: anything that can trap you in a limbo of joy and pain. Changing feelings of hate and love, of hope and desperation aimed at striking the human soul and keeping you alive. On the other hand, every emotion can contain different meanings and be ambivalent

How do you go about choosing cover art work? Does it have to match the album title? Which comes first, the art work or the title?
-In this case, the title came first. It was communicated to our graphic agency (Adhiira Art), that visually developed it, creating the final artwork. Therefore, the artwork corresponds to the title of the CD: the faceless man, dressed elegantly, ready to face the reality of everyday life, must choose which mask to wear, in order to lie to himself and to others.

When you have two vocalists how hard is it to write music that utilizes both vocalists the most? Why the decision to have two vocalists?
-To be honest, we believe that having two singers has made things easier for us. With a growl vocalist alternating to a clean one, we were able to express as best as we could the multitude of emotions and feelings that pervade “Ordinary Lives”. From the writing point of view, such two different vocalists have surely given a great helping hand in the making of the work. This is the main reason why we have chosen to use two vocalists. If we hadn’t, we probably would not have been able to express ourselves to the fullest.

How hard is it to come up with songs that are good enough to end up on an album or works playing live?
-The work behind writing every song was thorough and kept us busy for two years. This is the only way to structure songs that are sufficiently valid to become part of a full length album. The complex arrangements are the product of hard work from all the members of the band. The same goes, naturally, for what regards live activity.

Where does Your Tomorrow Alone fit into the Italian metal scene? Is there an audience for you type of metal in Italy?
-In Italy there are excellent bands that propose a sound similar to our own. Bands that are famous even abroad, like Novembre, The Foreshadowing, Klimt1918. We hope to insert ourselves in the same scene of these bands and to attract a good portion of Italian fans, but also international ones.

How do you view your chances competing for the World’s metal heads with your brand of metal?
-As we have already mentioned, our goal is to attract those that are still interested in gothic and doom metal. Probably nostalgics, given that today other subgenres of metal are becoming important. We are perfectly aware that we are playing music that is somewhat “vintage”, but we are also aware that it is what we enjoy the most and want to continue doing. We hope to do our best by playing the music that we love..

What ways are you using promoting the band to make 2012 the year of Your Tomorrow Alone?
-The bigger portion of promotional activity has been and still is managed by My Kingdom Music, that is that is supporting the release of Ordinary Lives pretty well. From our point of view, we are intentioned to carry out an intense live activity, both in Italy and abroad.

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