ZAUM is a whole different entity. You gotta listen to them to fully understand what they are about. This interview might shed a bit of light. Anders Ekdahl ©2016

When I googled the word zaum I found this ” zaum can be defined as experimental poetic language characterized by indeterminacy in meaning”. With what intentbdid you puck the name?
– The name was a pseudonym I’ve used since 1992 for myself and my personal demos which were private to me. However – the intention definition wise is – communication without the use of a spoken language. Any and every thought that surrounds and encompasses this idea!

Most often it is a cliche to say that you live in the wilderness and that it inspires you but not when you are Canadian. How much does the great vastness influence the sound of ZAUM?
– While I don’t spend much time in actual nature – I do appreciate nature quite thoroughly and of course there is plenty of it in Canada. I think about the furthest reaches of the Earth and many of the rarely explored areas – and even our universe in general often, in terms of its history and present reality. I’ve also always been a huge geography buff and a fan of traditional world music. Lastly, of course – the great vastness of the mind is the main influence with what I do in ZAUM. I think it all ties in together quite nicely.

When you have songs that are 20 minutes long what challenges does that bring with it in terms of keeping a flow and not stagnate midway through?
– I don’t really face a challenge with it! If the song were stagnant midway through, it would probably end before that would happen. The only reason our songs are longer, is when they simply aren’t finished yet. We specifically try not to be repetitive or calculative, but only provide what feels right.

We are all influenced by the baggage we carry with us. It is what shapes us but how much do you look to the past for inspiration to the songs and how much does the present influence you?
– I think the past influences me when I think about the primitive times before all of these internets/media/entertainment. Mankind’s’ fascination with religion, cultural tradition, and the supernatural VERSUS all which we don’t know and never will. As far as my personal past, I would say it influences me very little other than my personal musical influences I’ve attained throughout my life.

How important is it too you that there is a correlation between music, lyrics and art work? Do you look at the whole picture?
– I absolutely look at the whole picture and there is a total correlation between it all. However, I’ll never understand the level of correlation. It’s almost as though what I end up creating, laying down, and releasing – all ends up being somewhat of a living and breathing beast that has made its own decisions. I really let it create itself as much as possible – attained through a meditative mindset I can achieve.

You are obviously an album kinda band. I love the concept of an album and have never been a single song guy. But know I fear that this whole digital download thingajig will kill the idea of the album. What do you feel?
– I can’t see it killing the album. Those who love and enjoy an album as a full entity, will continue to do so. Those who want to listen to pop hits will continue to download individual songs no different than people used to buy 45’s etc. I’m very bad with song names as of course I too am a full album guy. I embrace the digital download, some people listen to their music in places where digital makes the most sense, I have my moments with this as well and see the convenience of it all. Hopefully people will continue having an interest in owning a physical entity of the music they enjoy!

We live in an age where you can pretty much record and distribute your music on your own but what part does a label play that you cannot play yourself? Can the right label with the right reputation add to the interest for a band?
– Our label is super supportive and help in many different ways. The time and money they put into promotion, the LP trading, distros at shows and festivals, getting copies of the albums in the right and most suited stores and online outlets. In some instances they offer their opinion on things with respect to the music production, tracklisting, artwork and/or packaging that can be helpful. Peter from our label I HATE has been a giant help with us being where we are today and we’re very grateful for his efforts.

I guess that you don’t play out live that often but what wouldva gig with ZAUM be like? What would we get?
– We play live quite a lot. We’ve played appx 150 shows in our 2 active years as a band, and have a 35 date fall EU tour (spanning 12 countries) we’re about to embark on, followed by an extensive UK tour in Spring 2017, and another EU tour in Fall 2017. The show is a deep ritualistic almost borderline ceremony like experience, you’re very much forced into our headspace in a certain way of it. We control our own lighting and are very specific with our sound and setup. It’s very dark, glimpses and visions. We allow people to somewhat paint a picture with their own minds.

My feeling is that there was much more of a community feeling being a metalhead back in the 80s when you tape traded. Nowadays it feels like people aren’t that social anymore. What is you feeling?
– Agreed, however I find Europeans still run quite strong with the music communities. We have thrived through word of mouth with the EU doom/stoner scene and so I feel like it’s there! There seem to be so many blogs and different internet presences where this still thrives, also some message boards. There are still very open-minded people who cannot shake the drive to discover more great new music. While there was more communication maybe in the 80’s, I feel it was more close-minded and maybe more stubborn if you will. I do however miss the 80’s!

What does the future have in its womb?
– We will record the bed tracks for our new album this winter, and hope for a 2017 release for a follow-up to Eidolon (which is out Oct 24, 2016.) We plan for an extensive UK tour in Spring 2017 and another extensive EU tour in Fall 2017. In the interim, catch us at one of the following shows!

21.10 Eindhoven, NL @ Dynamo
22.10 Leeuwarden, NL @ Into the Void
25.10 Gothenburg, SE @ Truckstop Alaska
26.10 Malmo, SE @ Harem
27.10 Copenhagen, DK @ KB18
28.10 Stockholm, SE @ Copperfields
29.10 Trondheim, NO @ Uffa
04.11 St-Petersburg, RU @ ЛЕС
05.11 Moscow, RU @ Дич
07.11 Gdynia, PO @ TBA
08.11 TBA
09.11 Dresden, DE @ Bärenzwinger
10.11 Warsaw, PO @ Chmury
11.11 Cottbus, DE @ Muggefugg
12.11 Berlin, DE @ Jägerklause
14.11 Marburg, DE @ Trauma
15.11 Saarbrücken, DE @ Kleiner Klub
17.11 Würzburg, AU @ Immerhin
18.11 Olten, CH @ Coq D’or
19.11 Martigny, CH @ Sunset
20.11 Salzburg, AU @ Rockhouse
21.11 Bratislava, SK @ Fuga
22.11 Budapest, HU @ Dürer Kert
24.11 Szeged, HU @ Grand Cafe
25.11 Timisoara, RO @ Daos
26.11 Vienna, AU @ Kramladen

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