I am not going to mention Pungent Stench because that name is going to be tossed about enough in connection with ZOMBIE INC. Interview answers by Gerald. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

When you picked the moniker for the band what was the choice behind it?
-It just sounded cool and a little bit ironic too. Wolfgang had the idea and everbody liked it. There is some kind of an funny aspect too behind the name. So we did that.

What is it about Zombies that are so fascinating that we see movies and TV-series about it?
-I guess they are just cool, haha.. but I also like the dark and apocalyptic visions behind it. I think there is a fear in everybody to become a zombie in real life. There is a hype nowadays for series like The Walking Dead and Zombieland etc…so hopefully the fans ask more for Zombie Inc too 😉

You have a very specific look. What was the idea behind it and how much of that follows on from Pungent Stench and Disbelief?
-We’ve played our first show “normal”, without the masks and clothes. And it was kinda boring. Martin said that we have such a cool topic to create an image for the band and we talked about it. In the end we decided to wear masks and clothes to shock the people a little and also for the fun aspect. An image is really important for a band, beside the music of course.

How do you avoid for it to become a Gwar or a Rock Bitch where the image becomes everything and the music suffers?
-That’s easy. Just making good music, haha..and playing a good show too of course, where music stands first and everything else is just a nice side effect.

Is this to be considered a full band given your other engagements? What was the reason behind doing ZOMBIE INC?
-Yeah, it’s a full band now. First Wolfgang and me were trying to do an unique project to hail the good old death-metal stuff, just for fun and probably an ep or an album. So, now we have the second record out soon, played some cool shows last year, it makes fun and we are a serious band now.

When you do something like this that is perhaps a bit on the side of your regular things is there less pressure of delivering? How much pressure do you put on yourself to get everything perfect?
-No, definitely not. Especially for the new record we felt a lot of pressure cause we weren’t finished with the songs and the artwork and so on. But we had some pressure from the record company to fix it sooner. And we try to make anything perfect, so there’s pressure everyday.

When you have been/are a part of something big what do you bring with you experience wise into this band? What mistakes do you avoid doing?
-The most important thing that I’ve learned is to make compromises. Otherwise no band will really work and it makes anything complicated. Everybody has an different taste, and I respect that. That preserves you also from doing mistakes.

This is the second album. What kind of reactions did you get on the first record? Did that inspire you to write a new album?
-The reactions were really good, especially in germany and austria. And that was a fact too to write a new one, beside the thing that it is cool in general to create a new album 😉

What kind of bands did you base the sound of ZOMBIE INC on? What has been the biggest inspiration for the sound?
-For me personal Morbid Angel, Immolation and Entombed, which are one of the coolest in my opinion. They were an influence for my songs. Of course the sound is based a little bit on our own other bands too.

Is there a future for the band?
-I think so, yes. There are a few tasteful shows upcoming, and I look forward to that. I think that will be an awesome time for us.

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