Mexican death metal that sounds like the Swedish of the late 80s/early 90s. Well, I am one for it anyway. So check out this ZOMBIEFICATION interview. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

I’ve only heard of the band by way of name. Could you please give me a short introduction into the universe that is ZOMBIEFICATION?
-First of all, thanks for the support towards Zombiefication, here Mr. Jacko. It is always great to get true underground respect!
Zombiefication started in 2009 when Mr. Hitch and I joined forces with the intention of paying tribute to 90´s Scandinavian Death Metal. Our first long player Midnight Stench was pure worship to those days. After time passed by, we incorporated newer influences but always with the rotten filthy atmosphere and after 2 full lengths and 1 EP, here we are today.

Why do you think that zombies have become such an interest outside of Voodoo? What is it about zombies that are so fascinating?
-They are just fucking cool and are a great representation of what Death Metal really is. It is funny that you mention Haitian voodoo zombies, cause we are influenced by that magical zombie voodoo thing happening in the islands. We find all the true Zombiefication process fascinating.

How does ZOMBIEFICATION fit into your local/national scene? What kind of scene are we speaking of?
-Here in Mexico there is not really a scene anymore. Things are starting to happen once again, but to call it a scene not really. We used to have a very important one in the 90´s with bands like Shub Niggurath, Cenotaph, Bloodsoaked, Mortuary, The Chasm and so on, but today it is just a shadow of what it once was. Thankfully things are starting to get a bit better and we will have something to show the world, but in the meantime there is a lot of work to be done before we can put Mexican Extreme Metal back on the map. Bands like Gutwrench, Evil Entourage, Raped God, Hacavitz, Castleumbra are working hard on the subject and we will see what time brings cause there is a lot of potential here, the bad part is that if one band does good, envy crawls from everywhere and even you country men don´t support. And also there is not much support from locals, they just look outside, which in the end is their bad I guess.

You have a new album out now. How does this one differ from your previous records?
-Each album has been very different. As I mentioned our first one, Midnight Stench was pure Entombed/Dismember/Carnage worship. Reaper´s Consecration, our next EP, contained more varied influences from Black Metal and experimented with new sounds, this one was mixed and mastered by Tore Stjerna of the Watain, Desultory, Unanimated fame.
Our new album, At The Caves of Eternal, which was also mixed and mastered by Tore, is our most diverse work to date with a filthy sound. We incorporate from Death Metal to Punk, from Punk to Doom and from Doom to Black Metal. We didn´t give a shit of the genres or initial tribute idea as long as it sounded filthy, dark and bloody good!

How much of a progress is this new one from the previous records? Do you even believe in progress or are you more of a band that sticks with what they have?
-Progress is huge. Some people have said that we went from a straight Death Metal band to a Black Metal one with the new album which I think is not true. Others say we are starting to craft our own sound. This can be read in many reviews that mention that even if our influences are clear, we sound like Zombieficaiton and if you ask me, that is truly a compliment!

When you play the kind of metal that you guys do how important is it that the art work follows in the same theme as the music? What is the greatest art work like for a band like yours?
-Art is a big aspect of our image. Mr. Hitch, the vocalist and lyricist, is in charge of this aspect. He has done all the art so far and I think we will stick with him for a very long time.

For the art we come together with the concept and from there Mr. Hitch works in the art with the idea of creating all we have talked about for the release. He is a very talented artist and has worked with many important underground bands.

What kind of lyrical themes do you deal with? How important are the lyrics and where do you find your greatest inspiration to them?
-We have changed from album to album, but the new one deals with the experience where some souls go to after death. Where it is not the purgatory, it is not “heaven”, “Hell” it is a lost place in time and space where nothing happens and that is exactly the cave of eternal, where eternal is not and adjective, it is actually a noun, a place, an eternity where the soul is lost and may be there forever without final destination.

When you play live do you have any special stage set up? How do you make a ZOMBIEFICATION gig special?
-In the beginning we used to, but now we have incorporated a more fuck it attitude and try to express all we are about with our music and without props or “extra show”. We have a very energetic live attitude and things have worked great for us tour/live wise.
We just returned from a 15 gig tour in Europe and the experience was amazing and the response even better. Italy, France, Spain and Portugal were destroyed and we met great people along the way that were really into what we are doing.

Do you feel closer to any bands in spirit? What kind of bands do you see ZOMBIEFICATION fit in with?
-I feel close to many bands, especially from the 90´s. Dissection, Necrophobic, At The Gates, Dismember, Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride, Entombed, Phlebotomized and many more have really crafted my path in life.
About Zombieficatino fitting with bands, I can say that it would be great to share stage with bands such as Ascended, Disma, Necros Christos, Watain and any band into obscure spiritual Death/Black Metal.

What will the future bring to ZOMBIEFICATION?
-We will start composing the new album in 2 months or so. The new one just came out in the end of April beginning of May and after the tour, which just finished 1 month ago, we decided to take a small break.
We also have some shows in the coming months and we are more than ready to spread our stench throughout the world!! Thanks for the support and Hail Metal Raise on Aztec Bloodshed!

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