ZOMBIFIED is another great Swedish death metal act. Need I say more? An interview was immediately thought up and here it is in all ist glory. The interview was made with Jacob Johansson and Pär Fransson. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

What is it about Sweden and death metal? It seems that there’s a new album each week of the year.
-Sweden have a wide range of different death metal bands and it seems to be ongoing. Nowadays more and more bands are turning towards the more modern “Gothenburg metal” sound. But we are still standing by the brutality of the oldschool death metal.

What is the correlation between horror movies and death metal? Why is horror such a popular theme in death metal?
-Brutal music fits very well together with brutal lyrics.

On that note, what is death metal to you?
-Death metal have always been about the feeling, the rush. To feel the adrenaline and the power. It is music to get really excited about. Adrenaline to the max!

Your sound is being described as crust death. You are not alone in having those kind of influences. What is it about crust punk and death metal that mixes so great?
-There’s not that many death metal bands that have crust punk influences but still keeping a well-produced, modern, up to date sound. We are trying to do that. We are trying to be professional and technically skilled; doing something that (sound wise) can be compared with the really big productions. But we also want to keep the simplicity and the “catchy” feelings of straight old crust punk together with massive, brutal death metal.

When you play in other bands how do you keep them apart? What is it that drives you to be a part of more than one band?
-Music always involves inspiration and all bands are different. Zombified is the band that gives us the most freedom and almost feels like our “own little baby” that we can form in any way we like.

Death metal might not be the most lucrative of metal genres. How much do you have to sacrifice to make the band working?
-The music industry has developed a lot during the last couple of years. Some years ago it was almost impossible to get nice instruments, to record something with somewhat good quality etc. Today you can almost build your own studio for a reasonable amount of money. So it’s not about sacrificing anything really. It’s a plain and simple interest. Some buy fancy clothes, we play death metal!

From what I understand tour support isn’t offered by most labels any more. How do you organize a tour these days?
-No it is not, at least not from the smaller labels. But if you play good music people will notice you and then things often solve themselves.

When choosing art work do you start with a specific idea and have the art work being work out from that or what?
-We are not satisfied with the album cover for Zombified Slaughtermachine. So this time we contacted Costin Chioreanu at twilight 13 media.
We didn’t had a specific idea so we let him do his thing. We are very pleased with the results. And we definitely gonna work more with him in the future.

When you record what sound is it that you are looking for? How do you go about finding the right kind of sound?
-Of course we want to be recognized as an oldschool death metal band. But at the same time we are all very much into well produced music, so we are definitely looking for the dirty, brutal old sound – but at the same time for something that can compete with the best productions in the metal genre today.

What would the ideal future bring to Zombified?
-That we will reach out to many people. To write a new kick ass album. And of course to play live. We have not played live yet. But we are looking forward to it.

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