-(16)- – Sadlands

Godfathers of sludge -(16)- share the official “Sadlands” music video from their upcoming 8th full-length Dream Squasher. Watch the apocalyptic, Michael Panduro (Devourment, Dead Cross, Job For A Cowboy) directed video AT THIS LOCATION.

Frontman Bobby Ferry comments: “I wrote this song about witnessing an all too common injustice perpetrated by those who are supposed to care for the vulnerable and end up being the root cause of the suffering. The victim’s only revenge is to escape the perpetrator’s clutches and leave them to self destruct.”

Dream Squasher is due out June 5th on LP/CD/Digital. Physical packages are available for pre-order via Relapse.com . Digital Downloads / Streaming Services are available .

-(16)- return with their new album, Dream Squasher. A testament to the power of loss, every moment of Dream Squasher casts the San Diego band into new, deeper depths. The tragic, violent intent in this expression won’t be lost on listeners either; at any given moment of Dream Squasher, -(16)-‘s bouldering guitars crash into one another, set atop equally pulverizing bass and drums. Thunderous riffs express equal parts melancholy and fury. For the first time in the band’s 29-year career, Dream Squasher sees Bobby Ferry stepping forward and taking the helm on lead vocals, rounding out the band with both monumental moments of singing and pained screams of pure vitriol. From standout tracks like “Candy in Spanish”, to bruisers like “Agora (Killed by a Mountain Lion)” and the mountainous melodies of “Sadlands”, Dream Squasher proves to be -(16)-‘s return to form – where riffs dominate and anger reigns supreme.

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