Aliceissleeping – Completely Fine

This Friday, February 5th 2021 will see London-based Heavy Rock / Grunge act Aliceissleeping release their hotly anticipated, first full-length album Completely Fine through Mandrone Records.

The trio, led by extraordinary vocalist and five-string bassist Alice, draws inspiration from the experimental rock of the ’70s and from the noisy rock of the ’90s, with hints to Smashing Pumpkins, Rush and even early Queen. Following their critically acclaimed 2018-debut EP Space Wanders & Bleeding Hearts, that cemented their place as a unique creative force in the UK music scene, Completely Fine will ultimately see the band step out from being one of the UK’s best-kept rock secrets! Anticipated by the two singles “Over and Over Again” and “Twilight”, the band is now offering the full stream of Completely Fine one day ahead of the release date!

Just recently, Alice told The Uncarved Block Magazine in an interview, “The songs are very emotionally charged.  Some are very heavy, some are hypnotic, and some are very dark. We put a lot of effort into this album — there was a lot of research in the sounds and the arrangements, but it’s also quite instinctive, crude, and true.”

Frontwoman/bassist Alice (formerly MAB) and guitarist Dan (Gramma Vedetta, ex-Bones & Comfort) grew up in Sardinia, Italy, before transplanting to the UK. The Heavy Rock outfit released their first EP, Space Wanders & Bleeding Hearts, and the experimental single Brian’s Tale in 2018 and have been tugging audiences down the rabbit hole ever since. In 2019, Alice and Dan finalized the band’s lineup with drummer Jon (ex-Quiet Quiet Band) in a move that Alice said was “love at first sound.”

Today, the trio is a band that delivers one hundred and ten per cent every time. Proof of that is Completely Fine, a record that is sure to bring their reach far beyond the London streets they call home. Completely Fine was produced by Aliceissleeping and engineered by Will Maya (The Answer) between England and Spain. The artwork, inspired by b-movie posters, was created by Federico Salis.

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