Alltar – “Cantillate” (Live at Ceremony of Sludge VIII)

Portland’s ALLTAR have teamed up with Invisible Oranges to release the video for their song “Cantillate” which is taken from their recently released album Live At Ceremony of Sludge. The site commented “Groovy, angry sludge seethes at the heart of “Cantillate” (a fantastic word that means to chant or intone), but it’s twisted into unusual shapes and textures through synthesizers and precisely-calibrated guitar tones as it bounces along. The middle section of the song shifts into a meditative, cleaner phase completely unlike the beginning, and a repeated invocation of “worship, cantillate,” escalates the meditation into an amplified sermon, one conducted with cyclical riffing and increasingly unhinged screams.” Order “Live At Ceremony Of Sludge”:

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