AMENRA – Voor Immer

AMENRA share the official “Voor Immer” music video from the impending Relapse debut full-length De Doorn (June 25). Additionally, AMENRA announce a livestream event celebrating the release of De Doorn. The fire ritual will commence on June 27 at 9pm CET.

AMENRA vocalist Colin H. van Eeckhout comments:“What you lose in the fire, you will find in the ashes”. “Voor Immer” (“For Ever”) was one of the first songs we have written for De Doorn. We played it for the very first time in 2018 on the city square of Dixmude, West Flanders Belgium. Accompanied by the carillon, its bells a typical instrument from Belgium and the low countries, we connected the earth with the sky. It was initially written for a commemoration ceremony of the ending of the first world war.

Images of widows and mothers bereft of their sons. Destroyed cities and whom was left to die. Finding strength and courage to rebuild what once was there, without what was theirs.

The last time we played it live was in Menen, West Flanders Belgium end 2019. That night we gathered and burnt all our unacknowledged loss. Revealing by fire the 20 feet high bronze AMENRA statue glowing red, a symbol of hope.

This is a song about finding that hope, the strength to carry on. Its content ever present in the world today.

“to fall and to rise under merciless skies light and gracelines marring a mothers face wounds inflicted by love scarring our skinhere and aboveour home. blemish on the land cuts fading to the softest trace
outstretched. a beggars hand one last poem and letters unread it ends here. and weighs us down like lead I stumble I fall my eyes to the ground one last sigh a silent sound”

De Doorn is out June 25 on Deluxe 2xLP/2xLP/CD/CS/Digital. Physical pre-orders via are available . Digital Downloads/Streaming .

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