Amigo The Devil – everyone gets left behind

Amigo The Devil is a strange, hard-to-define entity that hovers like a slightly vengeful ghost around
the peripheries of metal, dark folk and Americana, claimed by none but with roots in all three.
The work of singer-songwriter born Danny Kiranos has been described as ‘murder folk’ in more than
a few places, which is both delightful and apt, since his output camps out at the crossroads of Devil
Makes Three, 16 Horsepower and Danzig, while his lyrics concern themselves with murder as often
as they do love, libations and self-loathing.

Despite his allegiance with the scene itself, the only real heavy metal influence at work here is in the
devilish atmosphere and an overall pit-dark vibe that’s a few shades past Southern gothic and has
landed him on line-ups with outright doom bands more than once. It’s a curious position to occupy,
but Amigo The Devil and his waitin’-around-to-die music makes it seem natural.

‘Everything Is Fine’ is ATD’s first full-length record, and, despite its downhome, rough-hewn feel, it
comes stacked with highfalutin credentials. Produced by Ross Robinson (Korn, Limp Bizkit,
Slipknot), its percussive elements shaped by drummer Brad Wilk (Rage Against the Machine,
Audioslave, Prophets Of Rage), and recorded at Valentine Studios on original 70’s-era gear, the
album is ultimately a backcountry nightmare, soundtracked by raspy, slightly unhinged vocals and
an overall apocalyptic bent.

Following the stunning teaser song ‘Cocaine And Abel’, the first single proper from the album is
the propulsive, rabble-rousing ’Everyone Gets Left Behind’. Kiranos describes the song’s genesis:
“The core of the song is easy – growing up was a mistake. I don’t mean a mistake as in something
regrettable but more as a consequence of time…something we didn’t mean to do. It’s so easy to
look into the past and think how much better everything was, but how much of that is because
we’ve already lived it and subconsciously know that it worked out? In the end, I wanted it to be a
modern day ‘memento mori’ type deal where everyone should remember their mortality, their youth,
their whatever the middle part is. Tracking this song in itself was such a blast that I almost forgot
what a grumpy bastard I can be sometimes.”

Commenting on the involvement of Wilk, he continues: “At the studio, we tracked this song live
together and since I didn’t have all the lyrics written yet, half the time I’d be mumbling or humming
random shit which always sounds ridiculous. I was already nervous considering this was the first
time I’d ever played alongside a drummer on this project but he’s so kind and collected that it was
easy to go all out.”

Kiranos has a sizeable following in the UK and will tour for the first time as Amigo The Devil in
December. Armed with just his voice and a banjo/acoustic guitar, his live show is loaded with
sing-alongs and a heavy dose of humour, helping to make often grim topics accessible to fans of
all genres.


07.12.18  LONDON Borderline
08.12.18  NOTTINGHAM Bodega Social
09.12.18  NEWCASTLE Think Tank
11.12.18  GLASGOW Stereo
12.12.18  MANCHESTER Deaf Institute
13.12.18  BRISTOL Thekla
14.12.18  LONDON Oslo

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