ANANDA MIDA – Blank Stare

ANANDA MIDA, the musical collective born within the Go Down Records’ family, leaded by Matteo Scolaro and Max Ear (drummer of cult band OJM), just released a brand new and hypnotic music video for “Blank Stare”. Taken from their recent full length record “Cathodnatius”, the video amplifies the dark vision that lies on the record, placing in the foreground a face split between intact and distorted reality.

ANANDA MIDA is giving a deep insight into what’s happening within the video, contributing the following words: “The distortion effect that is felt throughout the video clip is a mutation of linear time, caused by a video in the background that acts as a deformer, with some parts of the face that propose towards the future and others towards the past, as in the same way the lighter parts select the video shooting forward, the darker parts backwards. The song is exactly halfway through the punk drives and the progressive quotes typical of the band, in a whirlwind of guitar so effective as to seem a hammond organ.”

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