Årabrot – The World Must Be Destroyed

‘The revolution will come soon. All this will be destroyed. The world must be destroyed. Amen. For years I have been waiting for Antonin Artaud’s mad words to catch up with the actual world and THANK GOD for the virus – here it finally is. This is The World Must Be Destroyed’

Originally recorded during the ‘Who Do You Love’ sessions back in 2017 – the title track was intended as a main single but for various reason ended up as an outtake. These songs are among the band’s personal favourites from this period. They are all inspired by Antonin Artaud’s insane masterwork – his ‘biography’ of child emperor Heliogabalus.

Hallucinatory, sadistic, overly sexual and above all just completely mad. Produced by the ‘Tall Man’ Kjetil Nernes himself and the Dark Diva Karin Park. Musicians include Dana Schechter (Insect Ark/Swans), Andrew Liles (Current 93/Nurse With Wound) and tubaist Kristoffer Lo (Highasakite / Motorpsycho). Greg Norman recorded the songs at Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio Studios in Chicago. After 20 years of doing Årabrot the band have learnt one important thing: ‘In order to rebuild. it must all be destroyed ‘

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