Arionce – Leucosia

Berlin comes up with the next insider tip: they dare to experiment with instruments, tell exciting stories with a depth & lyrical skill and take in unusual and challenging narrative perspectives. Basically, they break every rule that makes young newcomers successful and that’s what makes them so exciting.

The new single “Leucosia” (release date 29.01.21) deals with a deep-seated feeling of inescapable addiction and desire. With felicitous changes of perspective and unique metaphors, Arionce describe the inner struggle with the desire for a drug, a person, for the pursuit of power or the blind delusion to harm oneself. Thus, they not only thematically break out of the newcomer garb, but also want to sensitize especially in these times for the topic of addiction and loneliness.

Arionce have the morbid and fascinating storytelling of David Lynch, the live energy of bands like Muse & Dredg and deal with the wonder, the sense and the often connected pain of human existence.

After two respectable successes with their EPs, support shows for Ten Fé (UK), Milburn (UK), The Lemon Twigs (US), Palace (UK) and The Holy (FIN) and festival show at Jenseits von Millionen Festival and L*abore Festival, they are currently working intensively on their debut album. It is not a prophecy, but rather a promise: A lot can be expected from Arionce in the next months.

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