AVIANA – My Worst Enemy

Sons of Gothenburg AVIANA have followed up the successful release of ‘Heavy Feather’ with their brand new single ‘My Worst Enemy’ and launched pre-orders for their upcoming sophomore full-length record ‘Epicenter’, which will be released on the 23rd of August 2019 via Arising Empire.

Pre-order their upcoming album ‘Epicenter’ here: https://AVIANA.lnk.to/Epicenter

AVIANA states: “We are very excited to present our second single ‘My Worst Enemy’ from our upcoming sophomore album ‘Epicenter’ out on 23 August via Arising Empire.”

AVIANA are currently supporting THE WORD ALIVE on their big EU/UK headline tour together with MAKE THEM SUFFER and OF VIRTUE!

22.05.19 Netherlands Haarlem @ Patronaat
23.05.19 UK London @ Underworld

After making their mark in Scandinavian Metal scene with the 2017 debut ‘Polarize’, sons of Gothenburg AVIANA are back in a new shape with their sophomore album ‘Epicenter’ via Arising Empire this August. Despite being under the radar due to the departure of their former vocalist, AVIANA is now back with new frontman and vocalist Joel Holmqvist (ex. WALKING WITH STRANGERS, OCEANS RED).

Inspired by 90’s Nu-Metal, blending a flawless mix of progressive guitar leads bringing on a modern era of breakdowns, AVIANA is a new type of heavy – a new era of metal.

In collaboration with Jeff Dunne (FIT FOR A KING, MEMPHIS MAY FIRE, ICE NINE KILLS, CRYSTAL LAKE), their latest work, ‘Epicenter’, is further proof that the Swedes are here to bring us the next level of their generation and the next big name from Gothenburg.

“We‘ve all been listening to a lot of different music the last couple of years, and also while growing up. But I would say a few of the bands that inspired us in writing music on our own is bands like Limp Bizkit and Deftones, but also Northlane and Eminem“, explains guitarist Marcus Heffler. “We are all listening to and taking inspiration from a diverse type of music that contributes to our songwriting, but we wanted to find a new fresh style with ‘Epicenter’ while still sounding like AVIANA with Joel, our new vocalist.”

Coming from a progressive side of metalcore and the djent scene, the band have been moved in another direction to ‘Polarize’ with the new album ‘Epicenter’ but still manage to keep the AVIANA vibe present.

Their hit single ‘Solar’ from the debut album ‘Polarize’ has been streamed nearly 2,000,000 times on Spotify alone, and two years after its release the band give us another leading example of how fantastic the West Coast based band is – developing yet more hit singles with the first taste from ‘Epicenter’ in the form of new single ‘Heavy Feather’.

The live resume of AVIANA includes touring in the UK and Europe supporting Japanese metalcore legends CRYSTAL LAKE as well as appearing on festivals like Morecore Festival in Cologne, Germany and True North Festival in Tokyo. While touring Japan in September 2018, the band also played shows together with artists like Australia‘s MAKE THEM SUFFER, Japan’s EARTHISTS, PALEDUSK and SAILING BEFORE THE WIND to name a few.

“Our biggest moment in the live career of the band so far was definitely headlining the Omega Stage at the True North Festival 2018. It was our first time outside of Europe, so coming to Tokyo and play our first show on that tour in front of 2500 people at the legendary venue Studio Coast is something that we will never forget. “ says bassist Sebastian Colque.

“We are super excited to get back at it again and to finally show the world what we have been working on for such a long time. The next chapter of AVIANA together with Joel is to raise the bar for our music that we believe so much in and to get back to touring.“ Sebastian adds.

AVIANA will be touring Europe and UK together with THE WORD ALIVE on their 10th Anniversary. Also along for the ride are the band’s good friends in MAKE THEM SUFFER and OF VIRTUE.

“We are all super excited to get back on the road to play our new songs and are really stoked to be releasing ‘Epicenter’ with Arising Empire. It feels like the perfect fit for us with our new collaboration together with High 5ive Music and Avocado Booking,“  vocalist Joel Holmqvist says.

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