BASTARDÖS premieres new track

BASTARDÖS, Argentinian thrasher to rerelease album 24/11-17.

Bastardös – Thrash Metal band from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Founded in 2009. Band name is translated into English as “Bastards”. The points above the ‘O’ is just a thrash metal well known gimmick taken from German ‘Umlaut’ and doesn’t make the letter sound different. Self-titled album “Bastardös” recorded, mixed, mastered and self-released by band in 2015 at Kirkincho Records in Morón, Buenos Aires, Argentina. This reissue-2017 includes new artwork design. Lyrics of songs about combat and horror. For fans of Sodom, Deathraiser, Toxic Shock, Alkoholizer, Hyades and many others.

The band was founded by Tomás Doglioli (Guitarrist) with the intention to play fast and aggressive traditional thrash metal in a local scene where no other bands were doing this genre. Damián Alfaro (Bass/Vocals) and Tomás Creatini (Drums) joined the band with the first stable line-up back in 2009. Four months later the first demo “KM 24” was released which opened the doors to many shows in Buenos Aires. Second demo “Descraneados en las Calles” was released in 2011 and a tour in Bolivia and Peru was made as promotion. In 2015 the debut full-length was released called “Bastardös” but did not have the best distribution and promotion by the label outside Argentina, this is the reason why now this album is re-released with the intentions to get a better distribution and promotion outside our country. For this album idea was to get a very aggressive and raw sound without adding effects, all that you listen on this album is exactly what came out from the amps without secondary effects. Guys are happy with this album and looked for the re-issue because they felt it deserved a better exposure.

01. Agonía
02. Horror Celestial
03. Almas Combativas
04. Apocalipsis Thrash
05. 34 Puñaladas
06. Siniestra Cultura De Poder
07. Tierra Saqueada
08. Violenta Tempestad
09. Fábrica Del Terror
10. La Masacre
Length – 35:48

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