BATUSHKA doesn’t slow down. Six months after the release of the last studio material, the band returns with a new concept mini-album entitled “Царю Небесный” / “Carju Niebiesnyj” / “Heavenly King”.”Царю́ Небе́сный” is the beginning of the prayer in the Old Church Slavonic / церковнославянский language that band use with regional language. The six-track release is a follow-up to the band’s last year EP “Raskol”. This time BATUSHKA’s music is more varied, emotional, and dynamic. More information and the details behind the album’s lyrical concept will be announced through the band’s social media before the premiere, scheduled for March 19th. For now, you must know that this time around, the band invited several musicians from regional folk groups and orchestra. The album was produced at the Dobra12 Studio and the graphic design and cover art were created by the band’s long-time collaborator Maciej Szupica. Photo session and video-visualizers were made by the tireless Xиацынтос Hiatsyntos – Film Director.

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