Beloved Enemy – Virus Undead – Akustik

BELOVED ENEMY release new EP “Another Side” (30th of January 2021) and video for new song “Mother” – pre-order starts today! The EP with five acoustic numbers and a video will be released on 30.01.2021 and be pre-ordered via The video for “Mother” will premiere one week earlier. 2021 will be a year with many expectations and many hopes. And we can all be sure of one thing: It will be the year of Beloved Enemy’s return.

Just a year ago …“Risen from the (un)dead: The band around guitarist and songwriter Peter Pathos and singer Andrew James ‘Dead L-Vis’ will celebrate their comeback with new songs at Castle Rock 2020.”That’s how the press text read last year, announcing Beloved Enemy planned comeback they actually wanted to celebrate at the Castle Rock Festival.  Actually, Beloved Enemy wanted to present their new and third album there. Actually, everything was already perfectly prepared, and the band couldn’t wait to finally hit the stages again. Actually … but then everything turned out differently. Because a virus threw everything off course.  A virus that not only reset the entire festival landscape to hour zero, but also left a lasting impact around the world.  As if he had already guessed it in 2008, Peter Pathos wrote the song “Virus Undead” for the soundtrack of the movie of the same name by the director duo Wolf Wolff and Ohmuthi, dealing with a similar theme. The virus may have changed the world and everything we know permanently. Beloved Enemy have also changed in the six years of their absence – show themselves, from a different side – but still, remain true to themselves. A virus may mutate – even a “Virus Undead”. And from this mutation finally came the idea to show the band and the music of Peter Pathos from a completely different side. Four old and one completely new song now show “Another Side” of Beloved Enemy.

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